16 Detroit Lions Who Could Become Unrestricted Free Agents Following 2023 Season

16 Detroit Lions Who Could Become Unrestricted Free Agents Following 2023 Season.

16 Detroit Lions Who Could Become Unrestricted Free Agents Following 2023 Season

As it stands, 16 Detroit Lions players could become unrestricted free agents following the 2023 season if they don't reach a new agreement with the Lions. This diverse group, featuring both battle-hardened leaders and promising stars, is poised to make pivotal career decisions. Their contributions to the season thus far—and the team's vision for the years ahead—will heavily influence whether they'll continue to sport the Lions' Honolulu Blue and Silver or if they'll be suiting up elsewhere in the NFL.

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Which Detroit Lions Could Become Free Agents?

Here is a list of the 16 Lions who will become free agents at the conclusion of the season if they do not agree to a deal to stay in Detroit. (Via Over The Cap)

PlayerPos.AgeCurrent APYGuarantees
Charles HarrisEDGE29$3,500,000$3,000,000
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, Jr.S27$6,500,000$6,500,000
Emmanuel MoseleyCB28$6,000,000$2,000,000
Halapoulivaati VaitaiRG31$3,500,000$3,000,000
Romeo OkwaraEDGE29$2,500,000$2,000,000
Teddy BridgewaterQB32$3,000,000$2,550,000
Dan SkipperLT30$1,010,000$0
Donovan Peoples-JonesWR25$870,402$186,608
Jalen Reeves-MaybinLB29$1,750,000$500,000
Jason CabindaFB28$2,050,000$2,035,000
Jonah JacksonLG27$1,187,202$1,048,564
Josh ReynoldsWR29$3,000,000$2,700,000
Julian OkwaraEDGE27$1,232,835$1,146,428
Matt NelsonLT29$1,300,000$150,000
Nate SudfeldQB31$1,600,000$1,000,000
Will HarrisS29$2,582,500$2,582,500

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are at a crossroads with 16 players eligible for unrestricted free agency, which may lead to significant roster changes depending on negotiations and agreements made before the deadline.
  2. The group of potential free agents includes players in critical positions and of varying experience levels, from seasoned veterans who provide leadership to younger players who have shown promise and could be the team's future.
  3. The performance and strategic fit of these players, along with the Lions' long-term plans, will determine if they will remain with the team, highlighting the importance of the off-season decisions for the team's continuity and success.
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Bottom Line: What the Future Holds

As the Detroit Lions navigate the latter half of the 2023 season, the looming prospect of 16 players stepping into unrestricted free agency presents both challenges and opportunities. The decisions made during this period will have profound implications for the team's roster, affecting not just the immediate lineup but potentially the team's performance and identity for years to come.

Retaining key players will be crucial to maintaining team chemistry and leadership, while the potential departure of others could open doors to fresh talent and strategic shifts. The Lions' management must weigh the value of experience against the promise of emerging stars, balancing the costs and benefits in a tightrope act of salary cap management and team building.

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