1984 Detroit Tigers pitching coach Rogers Craig dies

A coach from the 1984 Detroit Tigers World Series championship team has passed away.

Roger Craig, who was the pitching coach for the 1984 Detroit Tigers, has passed away at the age of 93. Throughout his career, Craig achieved great success as a player, pitching for three championship teams. He later transitioned into coaching, leaving a lasting impact on the sport. The news of his demise has saddened the baseball community, as they remember his contributions to the game.

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Key Points

  • Roger Craig, a legendary figure in baseball, passed away at the age of 93.
  • He played for three championship teams and managed the San Francisco Giants during the 1989 World Series.
  • Craig was widely respected as a pitching coach, working with teams such as the San Diego Padres, Houston Astros, and Detroit Tigers.
  • He played a significant role in the success of the 1984 Detroit Tigers, who won the World Series.
  • Craig's coaching prowess influenced notable pitchers such as Jack Morris and Mike Scott.
  • His impact on the game will always be remembered.

1984 Detroit Tigers pitching coach Roger Craig dies

Roger Craig, a revered figure in baseball, passed away on Sunday in San Diego at the age of 93 after a brief illness. Known for his successful career as a pitcher and his managerial role during the 1989 World Series interrupted by an earthquake, Craig left an indelible mark on the sport. The San Francisco Giants, whom Craig managed during the World Series, received the news with deep sorrow. Giants President and CEO Larry Baer described Craig as a cherished member of the Giants family, loved by players, coaches, staff, and fans alike. His wisdom and optimism played a crucial role in some of the team's most memorable seasons.

“We have lost a legendary member of our Giants family,” Giants President and Chief Executive Officer Larry Baer said in a statement. “Roger was beloved by players, coaches, front office staff and fans. He was a father figure to many and his optimism and wisdom resulted in some of the most memorable seasons in our history.”

During his tenure with the Detroit Tigers, Craig was part of the coaching staff under Manager Sparky Anderson. The team achieved remarkable success in 1984, starting the season with a record of 35-5 and ultimately winning the World Series. Craig's impact as a pitching coach cannot be overstated, as he played a crucial role in refining the skills of legendary pitcher Jack Morris and 1986 NL Cy Young Award winner Mike Scott. His guidance and expertise were instrumental in their success. The legacy of Roger Craig will forever be intertwined with the accomplishments of these players and the teams he contributed to.

The Bottom Line – Reflecting on a Baseball Icon

Roger Craig's legacy extends far beyond the wins and championships he achieved throughout his career. He was a beloved member of the Giants family and an influential figure in the world of baseball. His optimistic spirit, wisdom, and coaching abilities left an indelible mark on the teams he worked with. As the baseball community mourns his loss, they also celebrate the memories he created and the impact he had on the sport. Rest in peace, Roger Craig.