2 Alabama starters to sit out Citrus Bowl vs. Michigan

According to Alabama head Nick Saban, two Crimson Tide starters have decided to sit out the Citrus Bowl vs. Michigan.


From 247 Sports:

“We have two players who have made the choice not to play in the game — Terrell Lewis and Trevon Diggs,” Saban said in his first of two post-practice press conferences this week. “Every guy’s got a choice and decision to make, and we certainly respect and understand their decision and wish them well in what they choose to do.”

“I try to get guys to make business decisions about what they’re going to do,” Saban said. “I kind of get it if you’re a high first-round draft pick. The money versus how you can protect yourself and insure yourself may make a business decision that says the risk is not worth the reward of playing in the game. But if you’re not in that position, then you have an opportunity to showcase your talents and try to impress people with how you play in the game.

“That’s pretty much what I told those guys, and it’s their choice. Everybody has to live with sort of the consequences of their decisions, whether they’re good decisions or bad decisions.” 

“I got draft grades from 20 different teams,” Saban said. “If you guys picked guys — do you guys actually pick guys in the draft? Does the media pick guys? Do the guys that put the mock drafts up, do you guys have actually have a draft choice? Do you pick? The people that pick, I’m not sure we do have anybody in that position, aight. I know it’s out there. It’s out there every year.

“We’ve had guys that they put were going to get drafted in the first round and got drafted in the fifth round. So, I don’t think all that information is exactly accurate. I actually think that the NFL teams try to stir the media away from who they’re going to pick and who they like, aight. So, there’s a lot of misinformation out there as to who the guys are.

“I’m excited about the guys that are playing in the game, the guys that have decided to play in the game, and I think all the guys that are playing in the game have made really good choices to play in the game. I think they can enhance their value by playing in the game very, very well. Every guy’s got to make that decision, and we support them, whatever that decision is.”