2 Detroit Lions rookies are already moving up the food chain

Ben Johnson spoke to the media earlier this morning and he talked about two Detroit Lions rookies who are already earning higher reps.

The Detroit Lions are in for some fascinating dynamics this season as two rookies, Sam LaPorta and Antoine Green, are already earning more significant team reps. According to Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, both LaPorta and Green are already earning more reps at training camp.

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2 Detroit Lions rookies are already moving up the food chain

On Wednesday, Johnson said LaPorta has effortlessly integrated with the first-team offense, securing a position alongside Jared Goff and the offensive line. His journey from working with the second team during OTA's and mini camp to now becoming an integral part of the first team speaks volumes about his progress.

Johnson also noted that Green is steadily climbing the ranks at the camp. This development is crucial for Green, given the tough competition he faces in securing a spot on the Lions' 53-man roster, especially with the recent introduction of Denzel Mims.

Why it Matters

Green’s increasing presence in higher team reps hints at his potential and the possibility of making the roster. With the Lions likely to start the season with five receivers, Green may just earn his opportunity while the team awaits Jameson Williams’ return from suspension. Despite the challenges, the Lions' rookie class at camp so far is demonstrating promising performances, raising anticipation for the season ahead.

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Key Points

  • Rookies Sam LaPorta and Antoine Green are already earning higher team reps.
  • LaPorta secures a spot with the first team.
  • Green's future with the team is promising despite stiff competition.

Bottom Line – Rookies Running with the Pride

Sam LaPorta and Antoine Green's progress in the Detroit Lions' camp presents a promising outlook for the team's future. Their ability to earn more substantial team reps signifies their talent and potential, proving that they can hold their ground amidst seasoned players. As the pads go on next week, it will be exciting to witness these rookies further showcasing their skills and solidifying their roles in the team. The Lions' den is indeed nurturing some rising stars.