2024 NFL Draft Order following Week 1

Here is the latest 2024 NFL Draft Order following Week 1.

2024 NFL Draft Order following Week 1

Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season is officially in the books and though there were certainly some surprises along the way, including the Detroit Lions taking down the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Cleveland Browns defeating the Cincinnati Bengals, many of the top teams in the league handled their business. With that being said, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the 2024 NFL Draft order following each week of the regular season.

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The Draft Order

Here is the current 2023 NFL Draft order following Week 1: (Via Tankathon)

1 Cincinnati0-1.000.412Lost 1
2 Houston  ARI 0-1.000.471Lost 1
3 LA Chargers0-1.000.471Lost 1
4 Denver0-1.000.471Lost 1
5 Tennessee0-1.000.471Lost 1
6 Kansas City0-1.000.471Lost 1
7 Indianapolis0-1.000.529Lost 1
8 Pittsburgh0-1.000.529Lost 1
9 New England0-1.000.529Lost 1
10 Chicago0-1.000.588Lost 1
11 Seattle0-1.000.588Lost 1
12 Arizona0-1.000.588Lost 1
13 Minnesota0-1.000.588Lost 1
14 Carolina  CHI 0-1.000.647Lost 1
15 NY Giants0-1.000.765Lost 1
16 Green Bay1-01.0001.0.412Won 1
17 New Orleans1-01.0001.0.471Won 1
18 Washington1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
19 Buffalo0-1.000.588Lost 1
20 Cleveland  HOU 1-01.0001.0.353Won 1
21 Miami1-01.0001.0.412Won 1
22 Tampa Bay1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
23 LA Rams1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
24 Philadelphia1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
25 Las Vegas1-01.0001.0.235Won 1
26 Jacksonville1-01.0001.0.353Won 1
27 Detroit1-01.0001.0.471Won 1
28 San Francisco1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
29 Baltimore1-01.0001.0.412Won 1
30 Atlanta1-01.0001.0.529Won 1
31 NY Jets1-01.0001.0.471Won 1
32 Dallas1-01.0001.0.529Won 1

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Impressive Win Boosts Lions: The Detroit Lions pulled off an impressive victory against the defending Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night, gaining recognition and moving up in the NFL Power Rankings.
  2. Lions Ranked 7th: In the latest ESPN power rankings, the Lions hold the 7th position, a significant climb from their preseason ranking of 10th.
  3. Brian Branch's Impact: Lions' defensive back Brian Branch made a notable debut performance, showcasing his skills with three tackles, one pass defensed, an interception, and a touchdown return.

Bottom Line: Moving On Up

Following their remarkable win over the Kansas City Chiefs, the Detroit Lions have made a significant leap in the NFL Power Rankings, now standing at the 7th position according to ESPN. The strong debut performance by Brian Branch adds to the Lions' growing momentum, suggesting that they are a team to watch as the NFL season progresses. Up next for the Lions is a home matchup against the 0-1 Seattle Seahawks.

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