3 takeaways from the Detroit Lions’ thrilling comeback over the Bears

Take a look at our 3 takeaways from yesterday's thrilling Detroit Lions win over the division rival Chicago Bears.

Take a look at our 3 takeaways from yesterday's thrilling Detroit Lions win over the division rival Chicago Bears.

The Detroit Lions faced a challenging outing yesterday afternoon at Ford Field against the visiting Chicago Bears. Uncharacteristic offensive turnovers played right into Chicago's hands, allowing them to take what seemed like an insurmountable lead late into the 4th quarter. However, the Lions would flip the script on their division rival with two late touchdowns. This remarkable turnaround secured victory from what seemed like imminent defeat, propelling them to an 8-2 record for the first time in 61 years.

3 takeaways

Takeaway No. 1: Lions fans have made Ford Field arguably the NFL's most intimidating environment

Ford Field has evolved into one of the NFL's most formidable arenas for opposing teams, all thanks to the exuberant Lions fan base. This season has witnessed all sell-out games at the venue, marked by an abundance of crowd noise that poses a challenging environment for visiting teams.

The noise level after Montgomery's winning touchdown was nothing short of deafening. It's been a long time coming for this fan base, and they're reveling in the excitement of what they're witnessing.

Takeaway No. 2: This Lions team overcomes subpar performances

It wasn't that long ago that a two-score deficit as time was ticking away in the 4th quarter would have spelled doom for the Lions. This year, it's been shown to be different.

“It says a lot about our team,” Jameson Williams explained. “It just shows you who we are as a team we were down the whole game basically and we just put it all together and we executed. It really wasn’t too much we could do in the beginning, we just knew we had to make big plays in the second half, they held the ball, ran the ball a lot, we’re willing to go to the last second till the clock off.”

Takeaway No. 3: David Montgomery will go down as one of the most underrated signings in the offseason

David Montgomery accomplished feat Detroit Lions RB David Montgomery suffers injury vs. Buccaneers David Montgomery Imitates Barry Sanders on 75-Yard TD Run

The Bears have to be lamenting the fact that they decided not to retain Montgomery's services, and that he's now lighting it up for a divisional opponent.

Thanks to his late 4th quarter touchdown, Montgomery is now ranked 4th among all NFL running backs with eight touchdowns so far in 2023. And even so, he remained all business afterward.

“It was really fun. For it to end the way that it ended, we couldn’t have asked for it any other way,” he said. “We got some things to clean up, but I’ll enjoy this for four or five hours before we get ready for the Packers.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions mounted a thrilling comeback in the late 4th quarter, clinching a victory at Ford Field yesterday against the Chicago Bears.
  2. Lions fans persistently create an intimidating atmosphere at Ford Field, making it a challenging environment for opponents.
  3. This season's Detroit Lions squad has demonstrated resilience, bouncing back from a subpar performance. Meanwhile, David Montgomery's impact is shining through, showcasing his value as an underrated signing.

Bottom Line: Bring on the Packers

Following their thrilling comeback victory today, the Detroit Lions have achieved an 8-2 record through 10 games, a milestone not seen since 1962.

Now, they'll shift their focus to face another division rival this week, hosting the Green Bay Packers for the annual Thanksgiving Day game.

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