7 Players try out for Detroit Lions leading up to Week 3 matchup vs. Falcons

7 Players try out for Detroit Lions: You will recognize a couple of names on this list if you follow college football in the state of Michigan.

7 Players try out for Detroit Lions leading up to Week 3 matchup vs. Falcons

As the Detroit Lions gear up for their Week 3 showdown at Ford Field with the Atlanta Falcons, they are actively exploring options to strengthen their roster. In addition to signing offensive lineman Dan Skipper, the Lions conducted tryouts for seven players on Tuesday. These tryouts signify the team's commitment to evaluating talent and making strategic additions as they navigate a challenging season.

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The Players Who Tried Out

Here is a list of the players who tried out, via Tom Pelissero:

  1. LB Mitchell Agude
  2. DB Chris Jackson
  3. RB Nate McCrary
  4. DB Darius Phillips
  5. RB Abram Smith
  6. LB Jordan Smith
  7. EDGE Kenny Willekes

State of Michigan Connection

Among the players to try out for the Lions, two have connections to the state of Michigan. Kenny Willekes, a former seventh-round pick for the Vikings, played his college ball at Michigan State, while Darius Phillips, a former fifth-round pick for the Bengals, not only attended Western Michigan but also played high school football at Robichaud High School in Dearborn.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Roster Tryouts: The Detroit Lions are actively conducting tryouts to bolster their roster as they prepare for their Week 3 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.
  2. Notable Player Lineup: Among the seven players who participated in the tryouts, there are notable names with intriguing backgrounds. Kenny Willekes, a former Vikings pick, and Darius Phillips, who attended Western Michigan, were among the players to try out.
  3. Ongoing Roster Evolution: The Detroit Lions' commitment to refining their roster underscores their dedication to adaptability and competitiveness. With one spot open on the 53-man roster and two on the practice squad, the Lions have the flexibility to fine-tune their lineup and make calculated moves as they navigate the challenges of the NFL season.

Bottom Line – Roster Evolution Continues

As the Detroit Lions embark on the journey through the NFL season, their roster remains a work in progress. Tryouts and signings serve as critical steps in the ongoing process of shaping a competitive team. With one roster spot available and two on the practice squad, the Lions have opportunities to fine-tune their lineup in preparation for the challenges that lie ahead. With that being said, the chances of any of the players listed above seeing the field any time soon is slim to none.

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