A.J. Hinch battles back against Spencer Torkelson critics

A.J. Hinch knows patience is crucial when dealing with young players such as Spencer Torkelson.

Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch has been defending Spencer Torkelson against critics who question his performance. Hinch acknowledges Torkelson's potential while also acknowledging that he has work to do. He emphasizes the need for a balanced perspective, discouraging extreme reactions to Torkelson's performance fluctuations.

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Hinch recognizes Torkelson's consistent efforts

Hinch recognizes Torkelson's consistent efforts behind the scenes and reminds everyone that he is still a young player.

“I’m just trying to keep some of the conversation around Tork not being so feast whenever he hits two or three homers, and then all of a sudden he has the rough games and we automatically revert back to, ‘This guy’s struggling,'” Hinch said Thursday on the Stoney & Jansen Show. “So I don’t know. We’re continuing to push him. I do know his approach behind the scenes has been very consistent and very good, and we remind him he’s still a kid.”

Hinch battles back against Spencer Torkelson critics

Despite some struggles, Torkelson has shown flashes of brilliance, and the Tigers remain optimistic about his progress. Hinch highlights the importance of patience and learning for young players in a challenging league. He urges critics to consider the bigger picture and highlights the positive aspects of Torkelson's game.

“We want these guys to come out of the womb when they get to the big leagues and be fully developed and perfect, and it’s just not that way for Tork. Once we deal with that reality, we start to chip away at that consistency,” said Hinch. “I wish it was as simple as saying, ‘Man, we need you more consistent.' This is a tough league. I’m not giving him excuses at all, I’m just giving us a reality check that he’s got some adjustments to make.”

“When he gets a good pitch to hit and he stays collected in himself, he’s been really good,” Hinch said. “Again, I’m the patient one with all these young guys. We need to let them learn and succeed and fail and go through these little ruts and have them not be perfect right out of the gate.”

“If we had had this radio show on Monday after his series in Colorado, would we be saying the same thing? And the answer is no.”

Key Points

  • A.J. Hinch defends Spencer Torkelson against criticism regarding his performance.
  • Hinch acknowledges that Torkelson has room for improvement while also recognizing his potential.
  • Hinch urges for a balanced perspective and discourages extreme reactions to Torkelson's performance fluctuations.
  • The Tigers value Torkelson's consistent efforts behind the scenes and emphasize his youth and ongoing development.
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Bottom Line: Trusting the Process

In defending Spencer Torkelson, A.J. Hinch emphasizes the need for patience and trust in the development process. Hinch's support for Torkelson reflects the Tigers' commitment to nurturing young talent and their belief in Torkelson's abilities. As the season progresses, the conversation surrounding Torkelson's performance will continue, and it is important to remember that growth takes time. With Hinch's guidance and the support of the team, Torkelson has the opportunity to refine his skills and prove his worth on the field. The bottom line is to trust the process and have faith in Torkelson's potential to contribute positively to the Tigers' success.