A Leader Emerges in Detroit Lions Kicker Battle

If you read between the lines even a little bit, it sure does sound like a leader has emerged in the Detroit Lions kicker battle.

As the Detroit Lions intensify their training for the 2023 season, the spotlight now falls on the high-stakes competition for the coveted kicker position, a tussle between Parker Romo and Riley Patterson. Dan Campbell‘s recent remarks strongly suggest that Patterson currently leads the race.

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A Leader Emerges in Detroit Lions Kicker Battle

Complimenting Patterson's ‘steadiness', Campbell highlighted his superior kickoff performance characterized by increased hang time and depth. While Romo possesses an undeniable power in his kicks, he trails in terms of accuracy and control.

“Yeah, it’s been good,” Campbell said of the kicker competition. “We all know that Riley, there’s a steadiness about him, and […] he has a stronger leg as it pertains to kick-offs. Like his kick-offs are much better. He’s getting more hang time, he’s getting more depth. He’s been pretty steady on field goals, so it’s good. And then Romo, as we know, man, he has a massive leg, and he will always (need) just a little bit of working on that accuracy and control. Which, we kind of know that. It’s about just competing and developing and getting a little bit better.”

Special teams coach Dave Fipp's observations align with Campbell's, adding that Patterson has shown significant improvement and increased leg strength, making him an exciting prospect for the team.

“(Romo’s) got a lot of leg talent, and maybe he needs a little bit more development, but we feel like he’s done a nice job, and then a little bit more consistent but a young player. And Patterson who obviously we know a lot about and the truth is he is really coming along. And his leg strength has really increased, he looks really good in the training camp. I am really excited about him.”

Key Points

  • The kicker position for the Detroit Lions is being hotly contested between Parker Romo and Riley Patterson.
  • Head Coach Dan Campbell and special teams coach Dave Fipp have indicated that Patterson is leading the competition.
  • Patterson is praised for his steadiness, superior kick-off performance, and increased leg strength.
  • Romo, while possessing a strong kick, needs to work on improving his accuracy and control.

Bottom Line – A Kick Towards Victory

As the Detroit Lions prepare for the 2023 season, the kicker's position battle appears to be heading toward a resolution. Riley Patterson, with his improved consistency and leg strength, is emerging as the likely candidate for the critical role. While Parker Romo still has a chance to turn the tables, he'll need to work on his accuracy to stand up to the steady performance demonstrated by Patterson. Regardless of the outcome, the competition is sure to bring the best out of both athletes, propelling the Detroit Lions to a promising start to the season.