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Detroit Lions Most-Dangerous Off-Season Addition

The Detroit Lions most-dangerous off-season addition could become a stud.

Detroit Lions Stars Dominate 2023 NFL Re-Draft

This is just another example of how Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes has nailed the NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions Should Bring Back Familiar Face For Training Camp

The Detroit Lions are ALWAYS looking to improve their roster.

A Plan For Detroit Lions’ Success That’s 100% Foolproof

Detroit Lions Here’s A Plan For Success

Ryan Griffin: Detroit Lions, there’s a way out, and there is a way that this rebuild can be different than the ones in years past. And there’s honestly some hope for Detroit Lions fans. So my plan, my strategy, my road roadmap to success, whatever you want to call it, begins this year, and now all these things have to happen. And if they don’t happen now, this is not gonna work. bottom out this year, you feel like you’re probably going there at some point anyway.

You gotta get Will Anderson in the draft. I don’t know if you have to draft one to do it, but you gotta get Will Anderson. You get Will Anderson from Alabama. Then you’re looking at this defense as a very bad defense, but now you have a couple of lynchpin guys, or guys that you at least think can be really good, right?

You would have Will Anderson. I don’t think anybody thinks he’s gonna bust out. You have Aidan Hutchinson. People might not be as high on right now, but you still got more than half of the fan base that is gonna be Michigan fans. They’re still really high on them, and I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

You got Malcolm Rodriguez, who everybody loves, and then you have Jeff Okudah, who’s shown some really good flashes this year. So you got four of your 11 players on defense that you think, hey, these guys can be really, really good, and now you got some other players. Do what you wanna do with Pascal or Oruwariye has been pretty bad.

But Kerby Joseph, if you’re excited about any of those guys, God bless you. I’m just gonna limit it to four. And you already have an offense, say from last week, that is destroying that. So you’re still gonna have D’Andre Swift, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and Jamaal Williams, right? And now you’re also looking at Jameson Williams, getting him added to the offense, and you have maybe the best offensive line in the NFL.

So boom, right there. Your offense is honestly probably a top-five offense, even with Derrick Gore as the quarterback. And I don’t like Jared Goff, but he’s fine for this lion’s plan that I’m putting together. So, What we talked about maybe two months ago on one of our shows, we were super ahead of the curve, so shout out to us.

You need to root for the demise of the Los Angeles Rams. For anybody who’s still clinging on to Matthew Stafford, The Rams are two and three right now. They got the number 13 pick, which sits today in the NFL draft. We need to root for the Rams to lose. Stafford already got a Super Bowl. Your opinion of him doesn’t even have to change.

I’m not asking you to change your opinion. I’m just asking for you to root for this man to fail and to keep us at that top. Maybe it’s not 13 top 15 draft pick territory. So now you’re looking at Will Anderson. You’re looking at Aidan Hutchinson. Jeff Okudah, Malcolm Rodriguez. You can add another top-flight defensive player with pick 14, 15, 16, or whatever you wanna call it.

And there are a couple of guys there. You guys go look at my drafts. The Detroit Lions need everything. So pick what you want. Do you want another edge? Do you want a defensive tackle? Like where Jordan Davis wanted last year? Would you like to have Jordan Davis on this team? Maybe you can go grab somebody who’s like Jordan Davis?

Go grab another corner to put opposite Jeff Okudah. Go grab a safety so that these guys keep getting burnt over the top. We don’t have Tracy Walker, obviously, and we’re starting Saivion Smith, who got carted off. So I hope and wish the best for him, but he’s not somebody who really should have been put in that position to play.

Anyway, grab any defensive player you want. That’s the key, though. It has to be a defensive player. Don’t tell me you’re gonna go get Jordan Addison, wide receiver from UFC; I’m not gonna hear it. It has to be another defensive player at the top of the NFL draft. Right? So you have picked. Hopefully, you get to pick one but say you get another top-three pick, Will Anderson, and then you get a pick in the top half of the draft, which is top 16.

Now you’re probably gonna add that guy to the list of the four defensive players that you have. Boom. Now you got five defenders who you feel could be really good in this league. They’re all in the defense. They’re all going to be young players, obviously. And that’s half your defense. 

That is young and that it is talented, and the guys who are already here are gonna take a step up next year. Aidan Hutchinson, he’s gonna be better than he is this year. Jeff Okudah, He’s gonna be better than he is this year. Malcolm Rodriguez, same thing. And again, if Will Anderson is the guy we think he is, he can come in and make a median impact on the NFL immediately.

Detroit Lions Will Anderson

And then this next guy who comes in, who knows, it might be a crap shoot, but I guarantee he’ll be more talented than Alex Anzalone, or even again, Oruwariye. Rest in peace. Like he’ll be more talented than any of those guys. It’s just a matter of if he can confront that talent into production and into playing well within the defense.

So doing all of this that gets you your path because then you have a top-five offense, and you have a defense who is young, is gonna be super talented if things fall. This. And that is gonna be able to grow together. And that we’ve seen some piecemeal defenses work, where, you know, last year the Rams, they grabbed Von Miller threw ’em on their defense.

This year they tried to do the same thing with Bobby Wagner. Von Miller just got thrown in on the Bills’ defense. So we’ve seen defenses work that way, but, It happens when you have the homegrown town, when you have, I guess Jalen Ramsey was traded for too, but he had been in LA for a minute before, before they won the Super Bowl, they had Aaron Donald.

So it’s going to become like basically how can. How can you do this? Can you get those defensive pieces? Can things fall right for you? You got a root for Matthew Stafford to lose. Guys, I’m sorry, you just got to, and you got a root for the Detroit Lions to lose, which is, obviously, more likely than the Rams losing.

But that is our path outta here, and then we can keep. Dan Campbell, hopefully, or at least Ben Johnson, because he is a really good offensive play caller. And then we’ll see if that happens, then I think next year is the referendum year that we see on Dan Campbell and that we see on Aaron Glenn. Ben Johnson, to me, he’s already money.

He’s fine. He’s in the good portion of it. But Aaron Glenn obviously still has a lot to prove, right? Dan Campbell still has much to prove, but I don’t think. And this might just be the fan in me. I don’t think the Detroit Lions have the talent this year, so I’m giving a semi-pass. Now, other teams are winning, who seem like they have a similar talent level to the Detroit Lions.

Young head coaches. We’re gonna get into other rebuilds in a second, but it’s what people talked about, right? The Jets, the Giants. There are these other teams who at least now look like they have their stuff together more than the Detroit Lions do, and they’re in similar situations in their quote-unquote rebuilds.

But I’ll give the Detroit Lions one more year, and if this plan falls into place, That, to me, is how the Detroit Lions can get into real contention, and it’s how we can make this rebuild different from the regimes in the past.

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Detroit Lions Most-Dangerous Off-Season Addition

The Detroit Lions most-dangerous off-season addition could become a stud.

Detroit Lions Stars Dominate 2023 NFL Re-Draft

This is just another example of how Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes has nailed the NFL Draft.

Detroit Lions Should Bring Back Familiar Face For Training Camp

The Detroit Lions are ALWAYS looking to improve their roster.