Aidan Hutchinson: ‘I’m getting that damn touchdown!’

Aidan Hutchinson: 'I'm getting that damn touchdown!'

Aidan Hutchinson: ‘I'm getting that damn touchdown!'

Every NFL player carries their unique aspirations and motivations onto the field. One player making headlines for his unwavering determination is Aidan Hutchinson, the Detroit Lions EDGE. During the Lions Week 5 matchup against the Carolina Panthers, Hutchinson intercepted a pass, and the moment he got possession of the ball, he had only one thought: get that touchdown. However, his journey to the end zone hit a roadblock when Panthers wide receiver Jonathan Mingo delivered a fierce hit to Hutchinson's hip, sidelining him for a brief moment. But despite the setback, Hutchinson's determination to score his first NFL touchdown remains unshaken.

Aidan Hutchinson

A Man On A Mission

Hutchinson's determination to find the end zone traces back to a promise he made to himself after a game against the New York Giants last year. During that game, he had the chance to run into the end zone but stepped out of bounds. That experience served as a catalyst, and he made a pact with himself to ensure he would not walk out of bounds again. For Hutchinson, getting into the end zone is a matter of pride and fulfilling a personal commitment, no matter the obstacles.

“I promised myself after that Giants game (last year) that I'm going to go score a touchdown, cause the Giants game I kind of — I won’t swear, but I did walk out of bounds,” Hutchinson said. “So I promised myself I’m going to run in the end zone. That’s the price you got to pay to try.”

The Quest for Glory

Aidan Hutchinson has had an outstanding start to his NFL career, he has racked up sacks, and even interceptions, but he is determined to score a damn touchdown!

“I couldn’t walk for a little while and then I played — it was still a little bit in the last game, but I think I’m over it now and it was just one of those things where my leg whips and the hip gets all jacked up,” he said. “It’s just a lot of pain, but that’s football.”

“Head a swivel next time,” he said. “But still I’m getting that damn touchdown.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Aidan Hutchinson, Detroit Lions EDGE, is determined to score his first NFL touchdown.
  2. Despite a recent hip injury, Hutchinson remains unwavering in his commitment to finding the end zone.
  3. His motivation stems from a promise he made to himself after a game against the New York Giants last year.

Bottom Line – A Competitor's Pledge

Aidan Hutchinson's pledge to himself to score a touchdown carries a unique significance. It's a commitment that transcends the boundaries of competition, demonstrating the enduring spirit of athletes who strive for greatness. Despite a painful setback, Hutchinson remains resolute, declaring, “Still, I'm getting that damn touchdown.”