Aidan Hutchinson Makes 2023 NFL Top 100 List

Aidan Hutchinson has cracked the 2023 NFL Top 100 list and you will love what a couple of his peers have to say about him.

Detroit Lions EDGE rusher Aidan Hutchinson has made his mark on the league, earning the 88th spot on the prestigious 2023 NFL Top 100 list. The list, decided by player votes, honors the crème de la crème of NFL talent, and Hutchinson's inclusion signals a dramatic turnaround for the Lions, who were completely omitted from the list in 2022.

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Aidan Hutchinson Makes 2023 NFL Top 100 List

In a testament to Hutchinson's game-changing impact, several fellow NFL players lauded his skills and tenacity on the field. Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys praised Hutchinson for defying skeptics, while Lane Johnson from the Philadelphia Eagles highlighted his consistent improvement in both pass rush and run game. Then, you had Zonovan Knight of the New York Jets, who said Hutchinson will be a candidate for the Hall of Fame when he is done playing. But the best (or at least the funniest) quote of all came from Jets CB Sauce Gardner, who beat Hutchinson out for the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

“I just love seeing young guys like me make plays,” Gardner said. “Yeah man, I’m proud of him. He had more picks than me.”

Key Points

  • Aidan Hutchinson cracked the NFL Top 100 list for the first time in his career
  • Hutchinson's rank is 88 on the prestigious list, decided by player votes.
  • Fellow NFL players have heaped praises on Hutchinson's skills and game impact.
  • Hutchinson's recognition indicates a turnaround for the Lions, who had no players on the previous year's list.
  • One peer predicts a future Hall of Fame candidacy for Hutchinson.

Bottom Line – The Pride of the Lions

Aidan Hutchinson's inclusion in the NFL's Top 100 underscores his exceptional talent and the positive trajectory of the Detroit Lions. It signifies the recognition of Hutchinson's skill set and the impact he brings to every game. As the Lions continue their journey in the NFL, they do so with a recognized powerhouse among their ranks. Hutchinson's recognition in the NFL's Top 100 not only affirms his individual success but also brings a renewed sense of optimism to the team and its fans.