Aidan Hutchinson weighs in on 2023 Michigan football team

Aidan Hutchinson is clearly excited about the Michigan football team.

Detroit Lions EDGE Aidan Hutchinson holds a Michigan football record as the all-time single-season sack leader with 14 in '21. However, beyond his personal success, he helped lead Michigan to their first-ever College Football Playoff, and he is known for his valuable role in securing a victory against Ohio State, and bringing home a Big Ten title.

Aidan Hutchinson Michigan Football

Aidan Hutchinson weighs in on 2023 Michigan football team

Hutchinson's recent appearance on The Rich Eisen Show presented an opportunity for him to reflect on his NFL journey and share his perspective on his alma mater's performance. In response to Eisen's concern about Michigan being a favorite to win in the coming season, Hutchinson expressed optimism.

“I can’t be heartbroken again at the playoffs,” Hutchinson said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Just that last year against TCU, that should have never ever, ever been at a loss. But I think the boys are gonna turn the page. I think the boys got a chance to win. I hope they get over that semi final hurdle. I think if they win the semifinal, the boys win it all.

“They gotta get over that first round hurdle,” Hutchinson said. “But I think expectations are through the roof. (They have) all the talent in the world, same coaching staff, like nothing should change.”

Plenty Coming Back

While Michigan has had its share of first-round struggles, especially with their previous defeats against Georgia and TCU, Hutchinson sees potential in the team. The Wolverines are expected to return over 80% of their production, have a solid coaching staff, and carry immense talent in players like J.J. McCarthy, Blake Corum, and Donovan Edwards. In Hutchinson's words, the Wolverines should be the real deal in 2023.

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Key Points

  • Aidan Hutchinson is a Michigan Wolverine record holder and current Detroit Lion.
  • Hutchinson expressed confidence in his alma mater's ability to win the championship in the coming season.
  • He highlights the importance of Michigan overcoming the semifinal hurdle.
  • Michigan's first-round struggles are notable, with defeats against Georgia and TCU.
  • Despite previous setbacks, Michigan retains over 80% of its production and holds significant talent.

Bottom Line – Michigan: From Underdogs to Champions?

Hutchinson's confidence in Michigan offers a refreshing perspective on the team's chances in 2023. However, optimism must meet performance on the field, and that remains the true test for the Wolverines. As fans and sports enthusiasts eagerly await the kickoff, the question remains – Will Michigan transform from underdogs to champions in the coming season?