Aidan Hutchinson says Detroit Lions ‘Expect’ to play in Super Bowl

Aidan Hutchinson says Detroit Lions 'Expect' to play in Super Bowl. Photo Credit - Kirthmon F. Dozier - USA Today

Aidan Hutchinson says Detroit Lions ‘Expect' to play in Super Bowl

As the Detroit Lions gear up for the pivotal NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers, the team's spirits and expectations are soaring high. Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions' formidable second-year EDGE, expressed confidence in the team's prospects, strongly believing that the Lions are not just participants but contenders for the ultimate prize in the NFL.

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Confidence Ahead of the NFC Championship Game

With a history-making opportunity at their doorstep, the Detroit Lions stand on the brink of reaching their first Super Bowl. The anticipation and excitement within the team are palpable, especially in the words of Aidan Hutchinson. Speaking to reporters, Hutchinson conveyed a sense of unshakeable confidence and readiness for the upcoming game against the 49ers.

Hutchinson's Statement of Belief

Hutchinson's words resonated with the determination and focus that have been the hallmark of the Lions' season.

“I think we just got the mentality where we’re gonna keep this train rolling,” Hutchinson said. “And I think we’re all ready for this game. I don’t know if there’s too much anticipation yet. But we all have great mentalities coming into this one, and I feel like we’re at the point where it’s just, we’ve gotten this far, let’s take this thing all the way.”

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The Expectation to Win

The young star’s remarks reflect a team that is not just hoping but expecting to win.

“I think we all believe we’re all gonna come into that game with the expectation of winning it, going to the Super Bowl. That’s what we believe. We expect nothing less. That’s our attitude going in there, and I think (Dan) Campbell’s right on the money (saying we’re prepared).”

He also affirmed that head coach Dan Campbell‘s perspective on the team's preparation aligns perfectly with the players' mindset.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Unwavering Team Mentality: Hutchinson highlights the Lions' strong and consistent mindset throughout the season.
  2. Readiness for the Championship Game: He expresses the team's preparedness and eagerness for the game against the 49ers.
  3. Expectation of Victory: Hutchinson and the team firmly believe in their capability to win and advance to the Super Bowl.
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Bottom Line Conclusion

Aidan Hutchinson‘s comments capture the essence of a Detroit Lions team that is not just hopeful but expectant of success. Their journey to the NFC Championship Game is not seen as the final destination but a step towards a greater goal: the Super Bowl. As they prepare to face the San Francisco 49ers, the Lions, led by Hutchinson's confidence and Coach Campbell's guidance, are ready to challenge the norms and possibly rewrite their franchise history.

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