Aidan Hutchinson’s ceiling is ‘as high as you want it to be’

Detroit Lions new defensive line coach John Scott was asked about Aidan Hutchinson, and you are going to LOVE what he had to say.

Aidan Hutchinson had an impressive rookie season with the Detroit Lions, living up to th expectations with 9.5 sacks and three interceptions. Now, as he enters his second year, he is working hard to continue his development and establish himself as a Pro Bowl-caliber pass rusher in 2023. New defensive line coach John Scott Jr. has been particularly impressed with Hutchinson's progress and sees untapped potential in the 22-year-old.

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Key Points

  • Aidan Hutchinson had an impressive rookie season with 9.5 sacks and three interceptions.
  • The Lions expect Hutchinson to evolve into a Pro Bowl-caliber EDGE rusher in his second year.
  • Hutchinson's growth and potential have impressed his coaches, including new defensive line coach John Scott Jr.
  • Scott believes Hutchinson's ceiling is limitless due to his learning ability, instinctiveness, and competitiveness.
  • Hutchinson's offseason training focuses on position-specific drills to diversify his skills.
  • The opportunity to analyze his performance on tape and make improvements will contribute to Hutchinson's progress in his second NFL season.

Aidan Hutchinson's ceiling is ‘as high as you want it to be'

According to Scott, Hutchinson's ceiling is limitless, as he combines exceptional learning ability, instinctiveness, and a fierce competitive spirit. He believes that with Hutchinson's dedication to learning and incorporating new elements into his game, the sky is the limit for his future success.

“I think the ceiling is as high as you want to be. I think the way that guy plays, you guys don't get to see it, but he's an excellent student in the classroom. He learned very, very well. He's very instinctive,” Scott explained. “So, when you have a guy that is able to learn like that and add little, different nuggets to his game, and then the way he practices and competes, the way he plays on tape. I think the ceiling is whatever you want it to be.” 

“You can get tremendously better,” Scott said. “It's funny, because all the guys say, ‘This isn't that combine training.' The things that we're doing now are all position-specific things, but you can get a lot better. Going through the year that Aidan had last year, he did some great things well. There's always things that you can tweak and add to your game, to take it to the next level. Having the opportunity to see yourself on tape, doing it amongst the best and then analyzing things that you can improve upon, it's only going to make you have an even better year. It's just like any of you who played a sport know, you're always better at it the second time around, after you've been seasoned and had an opportunity to go through the little bumps and bruises of navigating through doing something for the first time.” 

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Bottom Line – Reaching New Heights  

Aidan Hutchinson's story is one of resilience and determination. As he enters his second NFL season, the sky is truly the limit for his potential. With a combination of natural talent, a growth mindset, and the support of the Lions coaching staff, Hutchinson has all the ingredients for a breakout season. His ability to learn, adapt, and diversify his skills sets him apart as a player to watch. Lions fans have every reason to be excited about the impact Hutchinson can make on the field in the upcoming season.


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