Shedding Pounds, Gaining Speed: Alim McNeill’s Transformation with Detroit Lions

Explore Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions, shedding 22 pounds and boosting performance.

Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions has turned heads at the Allen Park practice field. Entering his third year, McNeill underwent a significant physical change this offseason, making an impactful difference in his game.

Alim McNeill's Transformation with the Detroit Lions: A New Diet and Physical Makeover

Shedding 22 pounds – from 327 to 305 – McNeill adopted a healthier diet emphasizing less red meat and not overeating. Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions has been evident, showing noticeable differences in speed while maintaining strength.

Alim McNeill

Training Camp Performance: Quick Off the Ball

Through two-and-a-half weeks of training camp, McNeill looked faster and more aggressive. He got a chance to “test drive” his new physique against the N.Y. Giants, demonstrating violent technique and intense pressure.

“That’s really the main thing I’ve kind of noticed myself,” McNeill said, in reference to being quicker off the ball. “That’s the one thing I can really feel. I’m getting off the ball a lot faster, being able to make it hard (to) make them make decisions and stuff like that. So, yeah, I definitely feel my get-off (is better).”

Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions
Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions

Joint Practice with the Giants: A Positive Experience

Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions was on full display during Tuesday's joint practice with the Giants. McNeill felt more free, showcasing improved movement and rushing ability. The session was a positive experience for him, marking just the beginning of his new journey.

Looking Ahead to the 2023 Season: Pass-Rushing Efforts

The Lions expect McNeill to bring more burst off the line and enhance his pass-rushing efforts in the 2023 season. His improved performance against the Giants, including a career-high three tackles for loss, indicates his potential in the upcoming season, even if it was just practice.

“There was a lot of violence being displayed, a lot of good technique,” McNeill told reporters Wednesday. “There was a couple things, obviously every day, there's things to clean up. But, there was a lot we had to clean up yesterday, as well. But, I feel like we showed a lot of violence. We were intense, we were kind of putting the pressure on them yesterday.” 

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Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions


  • Alim McNeill's transformation with the Detroit Lions includes shedding 22 pounds, adopting a healthier diet, and emphasizing improved technique.
  • His performance in training camp has been noticeably faster, maintaining strength while displaying intense and violent play.
  • Looking forward to the 2023 season, the Lions are eager to see McNeill’s improved pass-rushing efforts and consistent display of skills.

McNeill's transformation has brought renewed energy and focus to his game. The Detroit Lions are undoubtedly eager to see how Alim McNeill's transformation continues to evolve on the field in the 2023 season.