Amon-Ra St. Brown admits to hilarious fact regarding Sam LaPorta

Amon-Ra St. Brown admits to hilarious fact regarding Sam LaPorta.

Amon-Ra St. Brown admits to hilarious fact regarding Sam LaPorta

Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown discovered the potential of his future teammate, tight end Sam LaPorta, in an unexpected manner. According to St. Brown, while he was prepped to announce a third-round pick at the 2023 NFL Draft, it was the earlier Lions selection of LaPorta that caught him off guard.

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Amon-Ra's Story About Learning of Sam LaPorta

LaPorta recently featured on St. Brown's “33rd Team” podcast, where the Detroit Lions' third-year wide receiver shared that he only became acquainted with LaPorta's abilities after viewing his highlight reel, post the Lions' drafting him.

“They picked you, I'm like, ‘Who is this guy? I've never heard of this guy,” St. Brown said. “I knew we needed a tight end, I'd heard of Michael Mayer, (Dalton) Kincaid because he went to Utah, he worked USC. I heard of Musgrave because he went to Oregon State and (former Lions RB) Jermar (Jefferson) went to Oregon State. But you, I'd never heard of you. I was like, ‘Bro, who is this guy?' And then they showed your highlights.” 

St. Brown noted that LaPorta's highlights against Kentucky in the Music City Bowl blew him away.

“Just off that one clip, I thought, ‘Oh s**t, we might have got a dude here,'” St. Brown said. “And then Jared texted me, he's like, ‘Yeah, this dude's legit.' I'm like, ‘Bet.'”

LaPorta's journey from being relatively unknown to a key player in the Lions' offense exemplifies the unpredictability and excitement of the NFL Draft process.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Amon-Ra St. Brown was surprised to learn about Sam LaPorta at the NFL Draft.
  2. LaPorta, selected by the Detroit Lions, had an unheralded college career.
  3. Since the draft, LaPorta has become a crucial part of the Lions’ offense.
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The Bottom Line – From Obscurity to Limelight

As the NFL season progresses, the story of Sam LaPorta's rapid ascent from an unknown draftee to a key offensive weapon for the Detroit Lions serves as a reminder of the league's unpredictable nature. It also highlights the essential role of scouting and talent development in the success of NFL teams. LaPorta’s journey is not just a narrative about a player's transition from obscurity to prominence; it's a reflection of the NFL's ever-present potential for surprise and the transformative impact one player can have on a team's fortunes.