Amon-Ra St. Brown to take over NFL Network

If you are a big fan of Amon-Ra St. Brown (who isn't?) then you will have a chance to see a whole lot of him on the NFL Network.

This week, football fans will have their screens lit up with the presence of Detroit Lions wide receiver, Amon-Ra St. Brown. St. Brown is set to dominate the NFL Network's programming on Monday night, and then again on Tuesday. On Monday night, he will make an appearance on NFL Total Access at 7 PM ET. Then, on Tuesday, he will take over the entire channel, starting from 1 PM ET.

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Amon-Ra St. Brown to take over NFL Network

According to A to Z Sports, it will be a day fully dedicated to the Lions, with the NFL Network airing episodes of Hard Knocks, Calvin Johnson‘s Football Life, as well as the Lions' Week 2 and Week 13 games from the 2021 season against the Commanders and the Vikings, respectively. Although more content may be added, these are the highlights advertised so far.

“He teased his selections on Total Access ahead of time: “I was given several things to choose from, but like you talked about earlier, Hard Knocks, that was super fun to be a part of,” St. Brown said. So, you guys are going to get a chance to see a run back of some of the Hard Knocks. Some of the epi”sodes or clips that I really liked. Some games that I enjoyed playing in last year. Performances that were really good for me. Some legends that played for us — Calvin Johnson, Barry Sanders — just more Detroit hype, trying to hype it up more. Guys I really loved watching growing up. Maybe some guys on other teams. So, you definitely got to tune in.”

St. Brown's media takeover on the NFL Network promises to be an exciting and engaging event for fans and showcases the growing prominence of the talented wide receiver.

Key Points

  • Amon-Ra St. Brown will have a significant presence on the NFL Network this week.
  • St. Brown will appear on NFL Total Access on Monday night and then take over the entire channel on Tuesday.
  • The NFL Network will air episodes of Hard Knocks, Calvin Johnson's Football Life, and Lions' games from the 2021 season.
  • St. Brown's media presence underscores his growing prominence as a talented wide receiver in the NFL.
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Bottom Line – A Star in the Making

Amon-Ra St. Brown's media takeover on the NFL Network presents an exciting opportunity for fans to witness the ascent of a future star. This showcase not only celebrates St. Brown's achievements on the field but also provides a glimpse into his character and personality. The extensive coverage amplifies his presence in the league and elevates his status as a talented wide receiver. As fans eagerly tune in to watch St. Brown's NFL Network takeover, they witness the emergence of a young player with immense potential and the promise of an exciting future in the NFL.


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