Ausar Thompson’s ‘Ceiling’ comparison will have Detroit Pistons fans drooling

If Ausar Thompson ends up being anything like this 'ceiling' player comparison, Detroit Pistons fans will be very happy!

The Detroit Pistons continue to bolster their roster through the NBA Draft, securing two promising players in the first round. Among them, Ausar Thompson stands out as an athletic forward with impressive two-way potential. While it's essential to tread lightly with player comparisons at this early stage of their careers, fans can't help but speculate on their future potential. According to an article by Aaron Kellerstrass of FanSided's Piston Powered, Thompson's potential is generating excitement, with his floor being compared to Herb Jones and his ceiling being likened to the legendary Kawhi Leonard.

Ausar Thompson Detroit Pistons

Ausar Thompson's ‘Ceiling' comparison will have Detroit Pistons fans drooling

Here is a bullet-point summary of what Aaron Kellerstrass of FanSided's Piston Powered had to say about Thompson's floor and ceiling. Click here to read his full article.

  • Ausar Thompson's strengths:
    • Very good defender with great footwork, instincts, and reflexes.
    • Disruptive on the floor, getting steals and blocking shots.
    • Better playmaker and passer compared to Herb Jones.
  • Ausar Thompson's floor:
    • Similar to Herb Jones, one of the best wing defenders in the NBA.
    • Struggles to consistently make shots, limiting his offensive impact.
  • Ausar Thompson's ceiling:
    • Dynamic two-way wing player capable of scoring 20+ points per game.
    • Playmaker for teammates and lockdown defender.
    • Similar to Kawhi Leonard's style when healthy.
  • Kawhi Leonard's early career:
    • Fairly limited offensive player, focused on defense.
    • Averaged 7.9 points, five rebounds, 1.3 steals, and nearly a block per game as a rookie.
  • Key to Ausar Thompson reaching his ceiling:
    • Improve offensive efficiency.
    • Aim to shoot 35-37 percent from long range.
    • Aim to shoot over 50 percent from the field overall.

Key Points

  • The Pistons acquired Thompson in the first round of the NBA Draft.
  • Thompson is an athletic forward with excellent two-way capabilities
  • An article by Aaron Kellerstrass of FanSided's Piston Powered highlights Thompson's potential player comparisons: his floor being likened to Herb Jones and his ceiling drawing comparisons to Kawhi Leonard.
Ausar Thompson Marcus Sasser Monty Williams Detroit Pistons

Bottom Line – Glimpsing into the Future

As the NBA offseason continues, fans eagerly await the opportunity to witness the growth and development of Ausar Thompson. While comparisons to established players spark excitement, it's important to remember that Thompson will be carving his own path in the league. As he steps onto the court and dons the Pistons' jersey, he will embark on a journey filled with opportunities and challenges. With dedication, hard work, and the support of the Pistons' faithful, Thompson will have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the franchise and make his mark in the NBA.


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