Will the NBA season be truncated or canceled?

A crystal ball would be needed to be able to tell what is going to happen, with the events changing literally by the hour. Sports are obviously only part of the story, it’s the overall situation that is really unpredictable. Detroit is entering the third week of March with only 53 registered cases of Covid-19 … Read more

How You Can Enjoy Sports When Living in Detroit

How You Can Enjoy Sports When Living in Detroit When living in Detroit, or you are just visiting, you will find that sports are extremely popular here. There are many different kinds of sports and sports events that people in Detroit enjoy such as football, hockey, basketball and more. As there are a lot of … Read more

Will Blake Griffin really be back in June?

“There is no timetable set for his return“, was the Detroit Pistons’ official statement on Jan 7, after Blake Griffin underwent a successful arthroscopic debridement of his left knee. On Feb 24, Pistons executive Ed Stefanski declared: “When June rolls around, all the physical rehabbing will be over. Then we can see where Blake is … Read more

Strange fines in the NBA

As we reported recently, Detroit Pistons guard, Derrick Rose was fined $25,000 by the NBA following the Piston’s loss to New Orleans Pelicans at the Little Caesars Arena. Rose showed his frustration at the Piston’s fading chances in the NBA Eastern Conference by throwing a pen into the crowd during their overtime defeat, 117-110. To … Read more

2020 NFL Playoffs: Schedule Guide and Score Predictions

The divisional round had finally ended last weekend. Only four teams remained in the last fight for the Super Bowl LIV and Lombardi Trophy. Three of them were the top-two seeds during their respective conferences, making things have shaken out to be a bit chalky this early February.  The Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs … Read more

Will the Pistons Make the Playoffs?

When the 2019-20 season started, there was very little optimism around the Detroit Pistons. Despite coming off a 41-41 season and a playoff berth in the East, the Pistons were projected to win as few as 31.5 games, according to SportsBettingDime.  Another injury to the oft-sidelined Blake Griffin, uninspiring point guard options, the constant inconsistency … Read more

Is CBD A Better Painkiller for Athletes?

Photo by Enecta Cannabis extracts on Unsplash Although there is not enough medical proof of how CBD helps improve our lives, the sports world is welcoming or accepting it anyway. Even though some world-class athletes are super picky or choosy about what enters their bodies, some are keen to experience the wonders of CBD. In … Read more

Why Do Canadians Get To Gamble Online And Not Us?

Windsor is just across the river, yet Detroit residents are unable to gamble online like Canadians. Casino and sports gambling are some of the most popular entertainments in the 21st century. However, the legality of online and land-based casino betting can be complex depending on your country of residence. Each country will have its own … Read more