The 7 best places for sports fans in Detroit

Talk to any sports fan and they’ll probably tell you Detroit is one of the greatest sports towns in the US. There are only 12 cities in the country that boast a team in all four major professional sports leagues, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, and Detroit happens to be one of them. Over and above being a part of such an exclusive club, many incredible sporting memories have been made in the city, and the love local supporters have for their teams is hard to find anywhere else. 

The Detroit Lions, affectionately known as “The Pride of Detroit”, are fierce competitors in the NFL, known for their dedicated fan base and somewhat challenging history. Despite some impressive NFL stats back in the 1950s, they went through a decades-long drought, only winning one playoff in 1991. They’re also one of the very few NFL teams to never make it to the Super Bowl. Regardless of this, the city’s love for their team remains strong!

So, if you’ll be heading to Detroit sometime soon, you’ll be pleased to know the city is a real treat for sports fans the world over. Here are seven of the best sporty spots to add to your itinerary: 

  1. Comerica Park 

As the official home of the Detroit Tigers, the city’s Major League Baseball team, Comerica Park’s state-of-the-art facility is regularly used for ball games, concerts, and events. Boasting scenic views of the Detroit city skyline and an expansive outfield, whether you’re there to cheer on your team or sing along to the likes of P!nk, you’ll find the stadium’s atmosphere energizing. 

  1. Hockeytown Café 

You’ll find this legendary sports bar and restaurant nestled in the heart of downtown Detroit, paying homage to one of the city’s many nicknames “Hockeytown”. The café pays homage to the city’s long history with hockey and their beloved NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings. Step inside and you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere, with walls adorned with hockey memorabilia and a giant TV screen for optimal game viewing. Whether you’re a die-hard Red Wings supporter or simply a fan of the game, Hockeytown Café is the best place to be for an authentic hockey experience in Detroit. 

  1. Greenfield Village 

If you enjoy visiting living history museums, you’ll find Greenfield Village an enchanting place to visit. You will be transported back in time to glimpse into America’s rich cultural heritage. For sports fans, one of the museum’s highlights is the Vintage Baseball experience where regular folk can don authentic period uniforms and use antiquated equipment to play the game as it was in the 19th century. 

  1. College football games 

There’s something about college football matches that really gets the blood pumping for a sports fan. Perhaps it’s the youthful energy lingering in the air or the promise of young talents on the brink of thrilling careers, but watching a college match while you’re in town is a must. Cheer on teams such as the Wayne State Warriors or Detroit Mercy Titans from the sidelines of action-packed clashes. If you’ll be in town around Thanksgiving this year, don’t miss the highly-anticipated game between Penn State and Michigan State taking place at Ford Field stadium on Black Friday.

  1. Jimmy John’s Field 

If you find yourself in Utica, a well-known suburb in Detroit, over a weekend, be sure to head to one of the Professional Baseball League’s ball games at Jimmy John’s Field. Most players are top-tier talent, vying for a spot in the major league, with 27 players having achieved that dream since 2016. The atmosphere is casual and family-friendly, with kids being allowed to run the bases and take pictures with the players. 

  1. Detroit City Football Club

Soccer fans will want to head to one of Detroit City Football Club’s games at its home field at Keyworth Stadium. Having recently joined the professional ranks, the club is involved in several National Premier League matches, making for a fun afternoon out for fans of the game. Be sure to book your tickets in advance as the stadium is well-known for its mostly sold-out matches, making for truly electrifying experiences.

  1. Little Caesars Arena 

This multi-purpose venue has something for sports fans of both the NHL and NBA, with the arena being the home of both the Red Wings hockey team and the Detroit Pistons basketball team. It has become a prominent landmark in Detroit, hosting games, concerts, events, and college football, serving as the sporting and entertainment hub for the city. 

Final takeaway 

Detroit offers something for every sports lover to enjoy, from hockey to baseball and the NBA, making it something of a paradise for fans and sporty visitors.