Barry Sanders says having a statue at Ford Field is a ‘Tremendous honor’

On Tuesday, Barry Sanders talked about the "tremendous honor" it will be to have a statue of himself at Ford Field.

As the Detroit Lions step onto the field this season, they'll be greeted by a new sight — a statue commemorating Barry Sanders, the legendary running back who last steered them to a divisional title 30 years ago. The statue, a unique feature at Ford Field, pays homage to Sanders' remarkable career and the indelible mark he left on the Lions and the city of Detroit.

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Barry Sanders says having a statue at Ford Field is a ‘Tremendous honor'

Sanders has accepted this honor with the same humility that characterized his storied career. He chose a non-public ceremony on September 16, the day before the Lions’ home opener against the Seattle Seahawks. While the ceremony will be private, the statue itself, situated outside Gate B, will be on public display from the first home game onwards.

“It’s a tremendous, tremendous honor,” Sanders said after Detroit wrapped up a joint practice with the New York Giants on Tuesday. “I may be the first (with a statue), I don’t think I’ll be the last, I’m not sure. But yeah, just thinking about sort of my journey to Detroit, winning the Heisman Trophy and coming here and wanting to change the narrative about the team at that time, you know?

I think the slogan was “Restore The Roar,” is what it was. There was a new coach, and really just for me, it was about taking care of business on the field. I don’t remember — at some point after I retired, the conversation started about a statue. You know how these things (go). All the right people have to sign off on it. So it’s beyond anything I had planned, but certainly excited to just be a part of it, and the build up has been pretty neat.”

Key Points

  • Detroit Lions will unveil a statue honoring Barry Sanders, the team's Hall of Fame running back.
  • The statue will be revealed in a non-public ceremony the day before the Lions' home opener against the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Sanders, known for his humility, has welcomed the honor and remarked on the journey that led to this point.
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Bottom Line – Forever a Roaring Lion

The statue of Barry Sanders stands as a reminder of a golden era in Detroit Lions' history. Sanders, with his humble demeanor and unrivaled talent, was a driving force that instilled a sense of pride and hope in fans. This statue is not just an ode to his outstanding contributions on the field, but also a testament to the profound impact he had on the city of Detroit. While Barry Sanders may have hung up his football cleats, his legacy will continue to inspire and resonate with Lions' fans for generations to come. Here's to a player who truly personified the “Roar of the Lions.”