Ben Johnson uses question from reporter to put spotlight on fellow Detroit Lions coach

Ben Johnson uses question from reporter to put spotlight on fellow Detroit Lions coach.

Ben Johnson uses question from reporter to put spotlight on fellow Detroit Lions coach

There is no question about it, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson will be the most sought-after head coaching candidate as soon as the 2023 season ends. With that being said, Johnson wants nothing to do with talking about potential head coach openings around the league, so when he was asked a question about that subject on Thursday, he cleverly redirected the focus to his colleague, Lions Defensive Coordinator Aaron Glenn.

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What did Ben Johnson Say?

Emphasizing Glenn's potential as a head football coach, Johnson praised Glenn's remarkable accomplishments and highlighted the respect Glenn commands from his players.

“Cause he’s a guy that we should be asking about head coaching,” Johnson said. “That guy, what he’s done, he’s phenomenal. He’s going to be a phenomenal football — head football coach when he gets the opportunity to do that, and I think when you bring those types of questions up you need to make sure you’re asking them to him as well.”

“The way his players respect him, he is very demanding yet he has a gentle touch when it comes to being able to relate and get them to do, bring out the best in them,” Johnson said. “So I know when he gets his opportunity he’s going to take it and run with it.”

Johnson reiterated the team's focus on their upcoming game against the Minnesota Vikings, demonstrating a disciplined approach to maintaining team focus and morale.

“The focus right now is on (this week's game against) the Minnesota Vikings,” Johnson said, repeating a mantra he's leaned on in the past when asked about his future job prospects. “That’s all we care about, and like I said before, we are obligated to each other to keep our focus on the main thing.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson deflects question about his coaching future, highlighting colleague Aaron Glenn instead.
  2. Johnson praises Glenn's coaching abilities and potential for a head coach position.
  3. Johnson reaffirms his and the team's focus on the upcoming game against the Vikings.

The Bottom Line – A Lesson in Leadership

Ben Johnson's response to the inquiry about his future career prospects goes beyond mere deflection; it is a powerful lesson in leadership and team solidarity. In an environment where individual achievements often take center stage, Johnson's emphasis on his colleague's capabilities and the team's immediate goals speaks volumes about his character and leadership style.

This approach not only fosters a supportive and unified team environment but also strengthens the Lions' focus on their immediate objectives, like the crucial game against the Vikings. Johnson's actions demonstrate that true leadership sometimes means stepping back to let others shine, a valuable trait in the high-stakes world of NFL coaching.


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