Big Ten Football unveils ‘Flex Protect Plus’ schedule format for 2024-2025

We know know who Michigan and Michigan State, along with the rest of the Big Ten Football teams will be playing in 2024 and 2025.

Big Ten Football has made a significant announcement regarding the upcoming 2024 and 2025 football seasons. With the inclusion of UCLA and USC into the conference, the Big Ten will expand to 16 teams, eliminating the divisional format. In addition to this expansion, the 2024 season will introduce the innovative ‘Flex Protect Plus' model, designed to optimize matchups while preserving historic and geographic rivalries within the conference.

Big Ten Football

Summary: The Future of Big Ten Football

The introduction of the ‘Flex Protect Plus' model aims to provide a combination of protected opponents and rotating opponents for each university. This ensures that every member institution plays nine intraconference games per season while facing every other conference opponent at least twice within a four-year period, once at home and once away. The conference schedules will consist of 11 protected matchups, featuring a blend of historical rivalries, geographic rivalries, and trophy games.

Key Points: Breaking It Down

  • The Big Ten Conference announces opponents for the 2024 and 2025 football seasons.
  • The conference expands to 16 teams with the inclusion of UCLA and USC.
  • The ‘Flex Protect Plus' model combines protected and rotating opponents for each university.
  • Each member institution will play nine intraconference games per season.
  • Conference schedules feature 11 protected matchups, including historic and geographic rivalries.
  • The 2024 season concludes with the Big Ten Football Championship Game.
  • Tiebreaking procedures for the championship game will be announced later.
  • The opponent rotations were approved considering multiple factors such as postseason format, travel distances, historic competitiveness, and TV inventory.
  • The ‘Flex Protect Plus' model aims to optimize matchups while preserving tradition and competitiveness in the conference.

The Big Picture: Elevating Big Ten Football

The Big Ten Conference's introduction of the ‘Flex Protect Plus' schedule format for the 2024-2025 football seasons marks an exciting new era for the conference. This model optimizes matchups, preserves traditional rivalries, and enhances the overall competitiveness of Big Ten Football. With the expansion to 16 teams and the inclusion of UCLA and USC, fans can look forward to an elevated level of competition and a renewed sense of anticipation in the seasons to come. The Big Ten remains committed to providing a thrilling football experience while upholding the rich traditions that have defined the conference over the years.

Here are the home/away opponents for each team in 2024 and 2025:

Big Ten Football
Big Ten Football

The Bottom Line – A New Era of Excitement and Competition in Big Ten Football

With the introduction of the ‘Flex Protect Plus' schedule format and the expansion to 16 teams, Big Ten Football is poised for a thrilling new era. The blend of protected and rotating opponents ensures that every university has an opportunity to face all conference opponents within a four-year period. This innovative approach enhances the competitiveness of the conference, while the preservation of historic rivalries and trophy games adds a layer of tradition and excitement to the schedule. The Big Ten is committed to delivering exceptional football experiences and maintaining its position as one of the premier conferences in college football. Get ready for unforgettable matchups and intense competition as the Big Ten Football landscape evolves.