Big Ten to add Oregon and Washington, leaving Pac-12 in shambles

Whoa! Now the Big Ten is adding Oregon and Washington to the mix! Are you ready for a whopping 18 teams in the Big Ten?

The Big Ten, according to reports, is closing in on an expansion to an 18-team lineup with the inclusion of Oregon and Washington, who will be leaving the Pac-12. This move promises to augment the league's presence in the Pacific Northwest, following the addition of USC and UCLA. Both schools are set to accept potentially reduced rates—possibly down to 50%—of the league's media revenue, but these figures are still predicted to eclipse those proposed in the Pac-12’s prospective deal with Apple TV+.

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Why Oregon and Washington Decision Matters for Big Ten and Pac-12

While the paperwork remains unsigned, the deals have been conceptually accepted. Amidst logistical concerns and discussions of an expanded 18-team conference, the Big 10 presidents have agreed on the move, marking the departure of the Ducks and Huskies from the Pac-12 and leaving the century-old conference facing an uncertain future.

Key Points

  • The Big 10 is expanding to include Oregon and Washington, broadening its Pacific Northwest footprint.
  • Despite expected reductions, media revenues for the incoming schools are projected to exceed those of the Pac-12’s proposed deal with Apple TV+.
  • The move sees the Ducks and Huskies leave the Pac-12, sparking uncertainty over the future of the long-established conference.
  • The Pac-12's remaining schools are left to evaluate their options, with the potential for the conference to become unrecognizable.

Bottom Line – Game-Changing Moves to Impact College Sports

The imminent reshuffling of the Big 10 and Pac-12 is a testament to the ever-evolving dynamics of college athletics. While the Big Ten looks to gain from the inclusion of two more solid programs, the Pac-12 stands at a crossroads, facing an era of transformation and uncertainty. These shifts will undeniably send ripples throughout college sports, highlighting the influence of media revenues and geographic expansion on conference realignments. As we move forward, all eyes will be on these conferences as they navigate the uncharted waters of this new era.