Michigan Football bashed for embarrassing menu at BBQ at the Big House

Did Michigan Football think it was "Meet Your Kindergarten Teacher Day"? Somebody has to take responsibility for this debacle!

Over the weekend, as the final recruiting phase wrapped up before next week's camp commencement, programs nationwide hosted events. Michigan Football was no exception, hosting its annual BBQ at the Big House. Social media has since been buzzing with a photo from the event, shedding light on the surprisingly underwhelming food offering. Note: This photo is just from one person, hopefully, there was a better selection than what you are about to see!

Michigan Football Damani Dent Bo Schembechler BBQ at the Big House

Michigan Football serves embarrassing menu at annual BBQ

One might imagine a football event centered around food, especially with “BBQ” in the title, would deliver a delectable spread. Instead, attendees were met with a plate that seemed to be more akin to a bulk purchase from the Ann Arbor Costo, rather than a thoughtfully catered meal. While the selection of hotdogs, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, tater tots, and a small cookie might be enjoyable at a “Meet Your Kindergarten Teacher Day” at a local park, the spread put out at the BBQ at the Big House certainly did not live up to the Michigan Football program standards.

Michigan Bashed for “BBQ” Menu

Here are some of the reactions that rolled in after today's menu at Michigan‘s BBQ was revealed:

Key Points

  • Michigan hosted its annual BBQ event during the final recruiting weekend.
  • The food served at the event was underwhelming, resembling a bulk purchase from Costco.
  • The lackluster meal could potentially impact the program's success in winning over recruits. (#SARCASM)

Bottom Line – A Misstep at the Big House

While Michigan's BBQ at the Big House 2023 is unlikely to be remembered for its culinary prowess, it serves as a poignant reminder that every aspect of a recruitment event plays a role in shaping a recruit's perception of the team and its offerings. Moving forward, the Wolverines might consider stepping up their food game to ensure future recruits enjoy not only the athletic prospects but also the full banquet experience.