Bloodied Blake Corum says Michigan beat Penn State for Jim Harbaugh

Bloodied Blake Corum says Michigan beat Penn State for Jim Harbaugh

Bloodied Blake Corum says Michigan beat Penn State for Jim Harbaugh

In the wake of an emotionally charged victory against No. 9 Penn State, Michigan Wolverines‘ star running back Blake Corum, who was bloodied during the game, revealed the driving force behind their triumph: a dedication to their suspended head coach, Jim Harbaugh.

Bloodied Blake Corum
Credit to @CoachBenHerbert for photo

A Game of Uncertainty and Dedication

When Blake Corum and his teammates awoke on Saturday, the question of who would lead them in their crucial matchup against Penn State loomed large. The team, along with the rest of the world, anxiously awaited the decision of a Washtenaw County judge on whether a temporary restraining order would be granted against the Big Ten's suspension of Harbaugh. Just hours before kickoff, it was confirmed that Harbaugh would not be coaching, leaving offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to step in.

Corum's Remarkable Performance

Despite the pre-game uncertainties and the last-minute coaching change, Corum led an impressive offensive display. He rushed 26 times, gaining a staggering 145 yards and scoring two touchdowns. His performance was a significant factor in Michigan's 24-15 victory, especially notable against Penn State's formidable rushing defense, one of the best in the nation statistically.

Corum's statement to the media post-game was simple yet powerful: “We did it for Coach Harbaugh.” This declaration not only highlighted the team's solidarity with their head coach but also underscored their resilience and focus under pressure.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Uncertainty Over Coaching Leadership: The Michigan Wolverines began their game day shrouded in uncertainty, not knowing if suspended head coach Jim Harbaugh would lead them in their critical game against No. 9 Penn State. The decision hinged on a judge’s ruling on a temporary restraining order against the Big Ten's suspension.
  2. Sherrone Moore Steps In: Hours before kickoff, it was confirmed that Harbaugh would not be allowed to coach, prompting offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to take over the coaching responsibilities for this pivotal matchup.
  3. Blake Corum's Dedication to Harbaugh: After a hard-fought 24-15 victory over Penn State, a visibly battle-worn Blake Corum dedicated the win to Harbaugh. Corum's standout performance, with 145 rushing yards and two touchdowns against one of the nation's top rushing defenses, was a key factor in the Wolverines' success and a tribute to their suspended coach.

The Bottom Line – More Than Just a Win

Blake Corum's declaration and Michigan's performance against Penn State transcended the realm of a regular football game. It was a display of unity and commitment, a team rallying for a cause greater than themselves. In the face of adversity, the Wolverines delivered a performance that honored their absent coach, proving that sometimes, the spirit behind the game is just as crucial as the game itself.

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