Brad Holmes says Detroit Lions landed 3 of their Top 14 ranked NFL Draft prospects

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes made the 2023 NFL Draft his [You Choose The Word].

On Thursday night, the Detroit Lions released Episode 3 of “Inside the Den” which has given fans an exclusive peek into the team's strategic approach during the recent NFL Draft. During the episode, General Manager Brad Holmes revealed that the Lions managed to secure three of their top 14 prospects. The team had classified fewer players as first-round material compared to previous years, making the achievement even more significant.

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Brad Holmes says Detroit Lions landed 3 of their Top 14 ranked NFL Draft prospects

The Lions first picked Alabama running back Jahmyr Gibbs with the 12th overall pick after considering him for the sixth slot. Holmes shared their strategy of maximizing the value of the sixth pick by trading back. “Out of the players that we had there, picking Gibbs was easy,” he said. expressing satisfaction with the outcome.

“So yeah, we would’ve been comfortable at six and did it,” Campbell added. “But when you get into having an opportunity to maximize the sixth overall pick, we couldn’t have been any more thrilled with how that came out.”

The team’s selection with the 18th pick, linebacker Jack Campbell, was another standout, with Holmes highlighting that Campbell ranked substantially higher than the 18th position in their assessment.

“We are at pick 18, and we only had 14 guys in that first-round bucket,” Holmes said. “He (Jack Campbell) was sticking out by a pretty substantial margin. So Jack at 18 was easy. He wasn’t the 18th-ranked player. He wasn’t 17. He wasn’t 16. He wasn’t 15.”

On Day 2, the Lions added tight end Sam LaPorta at 34th overall and then traded up from 48th to 45th to secure Alabama defensive back Brian Branch, another player in their top-14 bracket.

Key Points

  • The Lions managed to secure three of their top 14 ranked prospects in the recent NFL Draft.
  • Jahmyr Gibbs, initially considered for the sixth pick, was chosen 12th overall.
  • Jack Campbell, selected 18th, was highly rated by the team.
  • The Lions traded up to secure Brian Branch, another top-14 prospect, on Day 2.
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Bottom Line – Owning the NFL Draft

The Lions' recent draft performance exemplifies a well-executed strategy, balancing calculated risk-taking and high-value player selection. The Lions' team, led by General Manager Brad Holmes, has shown an ability to identify talent and negotiate effectively, maximizing their returns in the drafting process. As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming season, the foundations set by this successful draft could mark a significant turning point for the Detroit Lions. Their roar, it seems, is just starting to echo through the league.