Brad Holmes weighs in on Jared Goff contract extension

Brad Holmes made it very clear that when it comes to Jared Goff, the plan is to do what is best for the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions General Manager Brad Holmes is facing the crucial decision of extending the contract of star player, Jared Goff. Though Goff's existing contract extends through 2024, a pre-schedule extension could be financially beneficial for the Lions. “We’re going to do the right thing for the franchise,” Holmes committed, highlighting the importance of maintaining transparency throughout the negotiation process.

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Brad Holmes weighs in on Jared Goff contract extension

If Goff continues to excel in his performance, he could command a salary of close to $50 million per season in his next contract, which gives the Lions the motivation to secure a deal sooner rather than later.

“We’ve all just been keeping open dialogue from the very start,” Holmes said Thursday on 97.1 The Ticket. “We’ve been very transparent both with Jared and his camp on things. We’ll keep it in house, but we’re going to do the right thing for the franchise and that’s where we’ll go.”

Why it Matters

Although Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell affirm Goff as their quarterback for the foreseeable future, it does not cement his long-term place in the team. If a deal is not done before the upcoming season, Goff's 2023 performance will determine whether the Lions will have to invest a significant sum to secure Goff for the long term or risk him finding a more lucrative opportunity elsewhere.

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Key Points

  • Lions GM Brad Holmes considers extending Jared Goff's contract ahead of schedule.
  • Goff's recent performance places him among the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFL.
  • Goff's future contract could reach close to $50 million per season, based on market rates.

Bottom Line – A High-Stakes Game of Financial Strategy

The decision about Jared Goff's contract extension represents more than just a negotiation. It is an insight into the intricate financial and strategic planning of NFL franchises. As the Detroit Lions ponder their next move, their decision will set the tone for the franchise's financial strategy, player management, and long-term planning, shaping its course in the coming years.