Breaking: Detroit Tigers to adjust Comerica Park dimensions before 2023 Opening Day

The Detroit Tigers are making some big changes to Comerica Park’s outfield dimensions prior to Opening Day 2023. The team has announced that they will be lowering wall heights in key areas of the outfield, with the goal of increasing the number of home runs and overall offense at the stadium.

Comerica Park gets new dimensions for the 2023 season

Comerica Park to see new field dimensions in 2023

The Center field fence will be brought in by 10 feet, while the Center field wall will be lowered from 8.5 feet to 7 feet. The Right-Center field will lower from 13 feet to 7 feet, and the Right Field wall will be lowered from 8.5 feet to 7 feet. This will make it easier for hitters to clear the fence in those areas and increase the chances of home runs being hit in those sections of the stadium.

Key points to Comerica Park’s dimensions adjustments

  • Center-Field changed from 420 to 412 feet.
  • The height of the Outfield wall lowered in “multiple key areas,” including going from 13 feet to 7 feet above the out-of-town scoreboard.
  • The foundation of the Outfield wall will be “reconstructed with material and padding that enhances player safety.”
  • Left-Field corner was relabeled after “highly accurate” laser measurements. Left-Field from 345 to 342. Center-Field measured at 422.

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These changes are part of a larger strategy to increase offense at Comerica Park. The Tigers have struggled in recent years to generate runs, and the team hopes these changes will boost their offense. The team has also made other changes to the stadium to help increase offense, such as updating the lighting around the stadium.

Many players and fans are excited about the changes and are looking forward to seeing more home runs and offense at the stadium in the upcoming season. The Tigers’ management believes that the changes will help to bring more excitement to the games and make Comerica Park a more hitter-friendly stadium.

AJ Reilly discusses plans to update Comerica Park with Lynn Henning

However, some are concerned that the changes could lead to an unbalanced playing field, with the Tigers having an unfair advantage over other teams. Critics say that it could lead to a disproportionate number of home runs being hit by the Tigers at home, giving them a significant edge over opponents.

Despite these concerns, the Tigers are forging ahead with their plan and are optimistic that the changes will lead to more offense and a more exciting game for fans. Only time will tell how the adjustments will play out on the field, but all baseball fans are looking forward to seeing what difference it will make when the Tigers take the field on Opening Day 2023.

Written by Jeff Bilbrey

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