BREAKING: Michigan vs. Penn State game time revealed

In two weeks, No. 5 Michigan will host No. 17 Penn State will clash in what will be one of the biggest and most important Big Ten games of the season.

The Wolverines will look to build off of their 21-7 win over Michigan State which helped propel them to 1st place in the Big Ten.

According to Michigan’s official athletics website, that game will kick off at 3:45 pm EST at Michigan Stadium.





Dear Spartans: You wanted Michigan to take you seriously, now you have to deal with it

For the past decade, Michigan State has pretty much dominated Michigan when it comes to football, there is no arguing that.

Heading into Saturday, the Spartans had beaten the Wolverines in eight of the previous ten matchups and covered the point spread in all 10 of those games. To say the rivalry was one-sided would be an understatement.

But for the Spartans and their fans, it was never good enough.

Something has been missing

Despite constantly taking Michigan behind the woodshed, there was always the feeling that something was missing from the big game. For Michigan State, their annual game against Michigan has always been their biggest game of the season. It has always been the one game they wanted to win at all cost. After all, the Wolverines have always been their biggest rival and they always will be.

But for Michigan, that has never been the case and it has bothered the Spartans (and many of their fans) for a long time, though they probably will not admit it.

You see, the Spartans and their fan base have longed for the Wolverines to take them seriously. They have longed to be on the same level as Ohio State when it comes to Michigan’s rivals. But they have never been able to get to that point. In fact, despite their success vs. Michigan over the past decade, they have never even come close.

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Written by Don Drysdale

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