Brendan Shanahan reveals ‘Deep, dark secret’ about Claude Lemieux [Video]

    On Sunday night, the moment that many Detroit Red Wings fans (and Colorado Avalanche fans) have been waiting for will finally be here and it will include an interesting clip featuring Brendan Shanahan and Claude Lemieux.

    Prior to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Avalanche and Tampa Bay Lightning, ESPN will air their latest E:60 episode, which takes a closer look at the rivalry between the Avalanche and the Red Wings that began back in the 1990s.

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    Brendan Shanahan reveals 'Deep, dark secret' about Claude Lemieux [Video]

    In a clip that has been released from E:60 'Unrivaled', Brendan Shanahan reveals the "Deep, dark secret" he had about Claude Lemieux.

    "My deep, dark secret was that I played with Claude Lemieux," Shanahan said during an interview for the E:60 special. "And we were friends, acquaintances. You appreciated having him on your team. He was gonna disrupt the other team. He was gonna piss them off. When he wasn't pissing them off, he was gonna piss you off. He was gonna challenge the team. He was always on."

    "But he had a big heart," Shanahan continued. "I actually really like Claude Lemieux, a lot."

    The feeling was obviously mutual as Lemieux said he actually named his son after Shanahan.

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    "With Deborah in '95, we had a son and as I wished, we named him after Brendan Shanahan."

    Shanahan added that Lemieux was a player that other teams hated and that was exactly what he wanted.

    "When you play with Claude, you know why the other team hates him," Shanahan said with a smile. "And he likes it like that and that sort of... he seeks that out."

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    Shanahan also recalled what Lemieux said to him when Shanahan first arrived in Detroit.

    "When I arrived in Detroit, Claude skated by and he looked at me and he said, 'you're a loser, you haven't won anything.'"

    "It was a great reminder that this guy is a ruthless competitor," Shanahan added. "And anything less than us being ruthless right back, and we're not gonna win."

    Here is the clip!

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