Calvin Ridley Interrupts C.J. Gardner-Johnson Interview: ‘He talks too damn much’

Calvin Ridley Interrupts C.J. Gardner-Johnson: The Jaguars receiver had something to say as Gardner-Johnson was speaking to reporters.

Calvin Ridley Interrupts C.J. Gardner-Johnson Interview

The rivalry between NFL players isn't just confined to regular-season matchups; it spills over into training camps and joint practices. Such was the case on Wednesday when the Detroit Lions held a joint practice with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The focal point of the day became the electrifying face-off between Lions defensive back, C.J. Gardner-Johnson, and Jaguars wide receiver, Calvin Ridley.

Calvin Ridley interrupts C.J. Gardner-Johnson

‘He Talks Too Damn Much'

Both players, having a history dating back to their college days in the SEC, were engrossed in heated exchanges throughout the practice. Jeff Risen of Lions Wire observed that both Ridley and Gardner-Johnson had their moments to shine during the practice. The highlight of the day was Ridley's interruption during Gardner-Johnson's interview, emphasizing the latter's incessant talking.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. During a joint practice between the Detroit Lions and Jacksonville Jaguars, C.J. Gardner-Johnson and Calvin Ridley rekindled their college-era rivalry.
  2. Both players showcased impressive plays; Gardner-Johnson with a timely breakup and Ridley with a deep throw catch.
  3. Ridley interrupted Gardner-Johnson's post-practice interview, highlighting Gardner-Johnson's talkative nature.

Bottom Line – Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Ridley's cheeky interruption of Gardner-Johnson's interview was more than just a fun moment; it was a testament to the fiery competitiveness and deep-rooted rivalries that make the NFL such a captivating spectacle. As the season progresses, fans and analysts will be eager to watch how these individual rivalries evolve and shape the course of games. Because, in the end, it's not just about talking the talk but also about walking the walk.