Casey Mize Injury Update: A.J. Hinch says Mize is about ready for next step

Casey Mize Injury Update: A.J. Hinch says Mize is about ready for next step

Detroit Tigers RHP Casey Mize has been meticulously progressing through his recovery phase from Tommy John surgery. While he has been a constant presence with the Tigers since the All-Star break, his re-entry to the field is gaining momentum. Manager A.J. Hinch hinted on Friday at Mize transitioning from bullpen sessions to facing actual hitters in live batting practices.

Casey Mize Detroit Tigers Casey Mize Injury Update

What A.J. Hinch Said

Mize is showing promising signs, maintaining robust velocity even in his recent bullpens. Hinch emphasized the unparalleled adrenaline boost that players get when facing live hitters. Although a definitive timeline remains slightly nebulous, within the coming two weeks, Mize is expected to face live hitters.

“His next program is going to be facing some hitters here pretty soon,” Tigers manager A.J. Hinch said Thursday at Progressive Field in Cleveland. “He still has not completed the bullpen phase of his rehab. It would then get to live BPs with actual hitters.”

“He’s throwing at the capacity that he normally would,” Hinch said. “Whether a hitter is in the box or not, the velocity is the same. It’s just something about the adrenaline that comes with facing hitters.”

Will Mize Pitch for the Tigers in 2023?

The team will then determine the trajectory for Mize for the regular season’s remainder. While his return within the 2023 season remains uncertain, there’s a palpable optimism surrounding his recovery.

“That will tell us more about the plan,” Hinch said. “We still are encouraged by where he’s at. No matter how hard it is to not talk about, we’re not going to go more than a week at a time until further notice.”

The location for his upcoming live batting practice is yet to be confirmed, hinging on various factors like session dates.

“It’s all going to be based on where we are and what day it is,” Hinch said. “If it’s a Sunday, we’ll have him do it in Lakeland so that he can do it at noon as opposed to like 9 a.m. for us. … Asking a hitter to come in and stand in for Casey Mize is a little aggressive on a day game.”

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. Casey Mize is steadily recovering from Tommy John surgery, soon transitioning to live batting practices.
  2. Tigers’ Manager A.J. Hinch is optimistic, highlighting Mize’s consistent performance in bullpen sessions.
  3. While Mize’s return within the 2023 season remains ambiguous, the roadmap for his rehabilitation is unfolding.

Bottom Line – Getting Closer

Mize’s impending transition from the monotonous bullpen sessions to facing live batters isn’t just a personal milestone but a beacon of hope for the Detroit Tigers and their fans. When the Tigers originally selected Mize in the MLB Draft, the hope. was that he would quickly develop into an ace. Up to this point, that has not happened, but Mize’s story is still being written.

Written by W.G. Brady

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