Casey Mize plans to ‘overcome the month’ while inching towards returning to the Detroit Tigers

Casey Mize is working his way toward a return to the Detroit Tigers, but his road to recovery continues.

The road to recovery continues for Casey Mize, who hasn't been able to pitch for the Detroit Tigers at all this season after having undergone Tommy John surgery as well as back surgery last summer. But things are progressing, and he continues to work his way back toward a return.

Casey Mize

Mize threw a bullpen session today at Comerica Park

Mize was on the mound in the bullpen at Comerica Park earlier today, prior to Detroit's game against the Kansas City Royals.

His plan is to ‘overcome' one obstacle at a time

For Mize, there is still a bit to go in his recovery, but he'll be taking it one obstacle at a time.

“Overcome the day, the week, the month,” Mize said, “and then move on to the next (month), and we'll do the same thing. We've stacked some pretty good weeks and months on top of each other.”

“We got on the mound, threw heaters, everything felt good and feels normal,” Mize said. “Now we keep progressing to more pitches, and then we back the catcher up, and then we introduce offspeed stuff, and then breaking stuff. It's climbing a ladder of adding all these new challenges and steps. Today was just another rung of that ladder and another thing to overcome.”

Under pitching coach Chris Fetter, Mize has been introduced to several new drills aimed to help his overall game, and he plans on keeping them long-term.

“We're right in the middle of that,” Mize said. “I'm starting to improve and pick up on things that I like. I'll continue to do these drills probably forever. I'll take one from here or two from here, whatever that is, and continue that throughout this process, obviously, and continue to do it beyond that.”

Wrapping It Up: A healthy Mize would be key for the Tigers

Mize, who owns a 4.29 ERA across 39 starts in his Major League career so far, is one of the top young arms in Detroit's pitching rotation when healthy.

We're hoping to see him back on the mound in short order for the Tigers, and sooner rather than later!