Chicago Bears great Steve McMichael placed in Intensive Care Unit

Please keep Chicago Bears legend Steve McMichael in your thoughts and prayers.

Steve McMichael, a beloved figure and star defensive tackle from the Chicago Bears‘ iconic 1985 Super Bowl championship team, finds himself in an intensive care unit due to complications from sepsis and pneumonia, as revealed by his wife, Misty McMichael.

Steve McMichael Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears great Steve McMichael placed in Intensive Care Unit

The former All-Pro player, who has been battling ALS, was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night. McMichael's illustrious career spanned 13 seasons with the Bears, and he stands second only to Richard Dent on the Bears' all-time sacks list with a total of 92½. McMichael's final season was with the Green Bay Packers in 1994. Apart from his football career, McMichael also made his mark in professional wrestling in the late 1990s. As he faces these health complications, the sports community extends its thoughts and prayers to McMichael and his family.

Bears All-Time Sack Leaders

1.Richard Dent, 1983-93,95170124.5
2.Steve McMichael, 1981-9319192.5
3.Dan Hampton, 1979-9015757.0
4.Alex Brown, 2002-0912743.5
5.Trace Armstrong, 1989-948842.0
 Adewale Ogunleye, 2004-108742.0
7.Brian Urlacher, 2000-1218241.5
8.Jim Flanigan, 1994-0010840.5
9.Julius Peppers, 2010-136437.5
10.Khalil Mack, 2018-215336.0

Key Points

  • Steve McMichael has been admitted to the ICU due to sepsis and pneumonia.
  • McMichael, who has ALS, is a celebrated figure from the Bears' 1985 Super Bowl championship team.
  • He holds the franchise record for most consecutive games and is second on the Bears all-time sacks list.
  • McMichael also had a successful stint in professional wrestling after his football career.
  • The sports community extends support to McMichael and his family during this challenging time.
Steve McMichael Chicago Bears

Bottom Line – The Indomitable Spirit of a True Bear

Steve McMichael's current health situation is a sobering reminder of the fragility of life, even for those who have exhibited great strength and resilience on the football field. His storied career with the Bears, punctuated by his significant contributions to their 1985 Super Bowl victory, is a testament to his skill, determination, and enduring legacy within the franchise. Despite the challenges he currently faces, the unwavering support from the Bears community, the broader sports world, and his devoted fans serve as a beacon of hope. As he continues his fight in the ICU, our thoughts remain with McMichael and his family, reflecting the profound respect and affection that his career and persona have inspired.