Chris Spielman Says Detroit Lions Are Done Being ‘The Cute Little Story’

Chris Spielman returned to the Detroit Lions for one reason, and you all know exactly what that one reason it.

Chris Spielman, special assistant to Detroit Lions owner Sheila Hamp, feels a renewed energy around the team that goes beyond just the hype. Watching the team practice at camp, Spielman, who joined the crew on 97.1 The Ticket on Monday morning, senses a palpable desperation among players and coaches alike that he believes could breed greatness if channeled correctly.

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Chris Spielman Says Detroit Lions Are Done Being ‘The Cute Little Story'

Spielman expressed his excitement at the rising expectations and the opportunity to be “the hunted” rather than the underdog.

“I hate it. It disgusts me when that was going on: ‘Aw, look at ‘em, man. They really try hard.’ There’s nothing more insulting to a football player than saying, ‘Oh, they try hard.’ Now you got a chance. Now you have expectations. Now you are the hunted. You better embrace that. If you don’t embrace that and you fall short, then we gotta try something else,” Spielman said.

Key Points

  • Chris Spielman sees a shift in the team's mindset and believes this could breed greatness.
  • The Detroit Lions have made significant progress under the leadership of Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes.
  • Spielman stresses the importance of the team embracing higher expectations and the new role of being “the hunted.”
  • He emphasizes operating from a “position of victory” as a key to success in football.

The Big Picture: Detroit's Big Leap

In the larger context, Spielman's perspective paints a vivid picture of the transformation of the Detroit Lions. It showcases how a team, once regarded as an underdog, is now ready to embrace higher expectations and tackle greater challenges. The shift from the team being an “engine-that-could” to one that's expected to deliver strong results is indeed a testament to the Lions' remarkable growth.

Bottom Line – The Lions' Roar Gets Louder

The Detroit Lions, once considered a “cute little story,” are emerging as serious contenders under the watchful eyes of Dan Campbell, and Brad Holmes. Their journey from an underdog to a team with potential division-winning capabilities is an inspiring narrative of determination and strategic growth. As Spielman rightly points out, the best way to operate is from a “position of victory.” The Lions seem ready to embrace this winning mentality, setting the stage for an exciting and closely watched season.