Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses his future and new NFL rule change

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell touched on a number of subjects earlier this afternoon.

National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell spoke earlier this afternoon at the conclusion of the league owners' Annual Spring Meeting in Minneapolis and touched on a number of subjects, including the report that he has agreed to the framework of a three-year contract extension as well as the pending sale of the Washington Commanders.

Roger Goodell

Goodell addresses the pending sale of Washington Commanders

The Commanders, who are currently co-owned by Dan and Tanya Snyder, entered into a purchasing agreement with a partnership led by Josh Harris. The deal will need to be approved by at least 24 of the 32 NFL ownership groups, and Goodell doesn't foresee any major issue with that taking place.

“I think we will get it to a place where it will be approved,” Goodell said. “The committee, really, just had their first in-person meeting yesterday on the matter. We got the documents last week. So, we're hard at work as a staff, looking at that as we do every transaction. There's a lot of due diligence as well as compliance issues. All of that's happening, working full speed. We will be in contact with the finance committee, and when they're prepared to make a recommendation, we'll alert the media as well as the membership.”

Goodell also doesn't foresee a problem with getting the sale finalized prior to the start of the new season for the Commanders on September 10.

“We'll do the thorough job that we need to do in the committee,” Goodell said, “and we'll make a recommendation and we'll approve it when it's ready.”

Goodell addresses his contract situation

Meanwhile, Goodell touched on his own future in the NFL ahead of the reports that his contract is about to be renewed for another three years, saying that nothing has been completed yet.

“It's not extended today, that's for sure,” he said.

Since taking over the role of Commissioner from Paul Tagliabue in September 2006, Goodell has been extended by the NFL four times (2009, 2012, and 2017).

“When it's extended, we'll let you know. It's not extended today, that's for sure,” Goodell continued. “I have a year left. … I love the job. I have no doubt that we'll reach that point at some point, but when we do, I will let you know.” 

There's also the potential for his duties as commissioner to be split into two separate roles – one as the CEO of the biggest sports league in North America and the other being the handling of specific on-field issues.

“It's a healthy discussion to have. The job changes over the years,” Goodell said. “It's changed ever since I've been the commissioner. I know we will have the discussions at the appropriate time.”

Goodell touches on new NFL rule change

In the meantime, the NFL has approved a brand new rule stating that all fair catches and touchdowns will come out to the 25-yard line for one year only. And according to Goodell, the move is supported by the data.

“You know we have different viewpoints in the league, but the data is very clear,” he said. “There will be a lot of work that needs to be done.”

Wrapping It Up: Goodell appears to be staying in place

Fans can say what they wish about Roger Goodell, but his job as commissioner is to make as much money for the team owners as possible, and team values have gone up considerably under his watch. In fact, the recent sale of the Denver Broncos was the highest price ever paid for a professional sports franchise.

Get ready to see Goodell continue in his role as commissioner for the foreseeable future – because if the owners are happy with him, he's going nowhere.