Conor McGregor sends person in Heat mascot outfit to emergency room [Video]

Conor McGregor lit the Miami Heat up!

As the Miami Heat suffered a tough loss in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, the Heat mascot, Burnie, faced an unexpected trip to the emergency room. Conor McGregor, known for his prowess in the UFC, threw a devastating left hook at Burnie during a mid-game promotion for his pain relief spray. The impact of the punch was so severe that medical attention was required, with Burnie receiving pain medication before being sent home to recover.

Conor McGregor Miami Heat

Key Points

  • McGregor landed a powerful punch on the mascot during a mid-game skit.
  • McGregor's punch sent Burnie sprawling to the floor and necessitated medical treatment.
  • The incident occurred while McGregor was promoting his pain relief spray, adding a bizarre twist to the situation.
  • Burnie confronted McGregor while wearing gold boxing gloves, leading to the planned skit taking an unexpected turn.
  • Despite the unfortunate incident, Burnie is now recovering well after receiving treatment.

Conor McGregor sends person in mascot outfit to emergency room [Video]

Watch as McGregor kicks the crap out of the mascot.