Dan Campbell confirms Emmanuel Moseley injury news

Dan Campbell confirms awful breaking news: This is a very tough break for everyone involved.

Dan Campbell confirms Emmanuel Moseley injury news

Earlier this morning, we passed along a report that Detroit Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley, who suited up for the first time this season on Sunday afternoon, has a torn ACL that will keep him out for the remainder of the 2023 season. Just moments ago, Lions head coach Dan Campbell confirmed the awful news while speaking to the media.

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What did Dan Campbell Say?

Campbell explained that though this is “frustrating”, he believes that Moseley will eventually come back ready to go.

“Hate it for him,” Campbell said. “It's frustrating. But just knowing him and knowing the way he works, this will sting for him, and he'll come back and be ready to go.”

Why it Matters

Despite missing the first four weeks of the season as he continued rehabbing his knee, Moseley was poised to make his debut and gradually acclimate to game action this Sunday. However, his debut was cut short after just two plays when he was carted off the field and subsequently ruled out for the rest of the season. This is a tough break for a Lions secondary that already lost C.J. Gardner-Johnson to an injury.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Campbell's Perspective: Lions head coach Dan Campbell expressed his frustration over Emmanuel Moseley's torn ACL, emphasizing his belief in Moseley's resilience and determination to return stronger.
  2. Moseley's Debut Cut Short: Moseley, who missed the first four weeks of the season due to injury, was set to make his debut on Sunday. Unfortunately, his return was short-lived, lasting only two plays before a cart-off and the season-ending ACL injury.
  3. Secondary Challenges: Moseley's injury deals another blow to the Lions' secondary, which had already faced challenges with C.J. Gardner-Johnson sidelined due to injury. The loss of Moseley further tests the depth and resilience of the defensive backfield.
Emmanuel Moseley injured

Bottom Line: A Tough Loss

Emmanuel Moseley's unfortunate season-ending injury is a significant setback for the Lions' secondary, adding to their challenges this season. Dan Campbell's confidence in Moseley's recovery highlights his determination to return stronger from this adversity.