Dan Campbell had BOLD take on Thanksgiving dinner staples

Dan Campbell had BOLD take on Thanksgiving dinner staples. Which Thanksgiving dinner staples could you do without?

Dan Campbell had BOLD take on Thanksgiving dinner staples

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell‘s preference for Thanksgiving dishes goes beyond mere culinary choices; it reflects his unique personality and approach to both life and football. In a recent interview on 97.1 The Ticket, Campbell's candid take on traditional Thanksgiving foods offers insight into his personal tastes and preferences.

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Dan Campbell's BOLD take

“Must have is ham. I’m a big ham guy,” Campbell told hosts Stoney and Jansen. “I’m not a turkey guy, unless it’s fried turkey. I’m not a dressing fan. I’m not a cranberry fan. I’ll throw that right out to the dogs. Everything else, I’ll load it right on top of each other, full stack.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Campbell prefers ham over turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.
  2. The Detroit Lions head coach is also not a fan of dressing and cranberry sauce.
  3. Campbell's candid food preferences reflect his unique and straightforward personality.
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Bottom Line – More Than Just a Meal

Dan Campbell's straightforwardness in discussing his Thanksgiving dinner preferences mirrors his coaching style – unapologetic, honest, and relatable. This approach has resonated well with his team and Lions fans, highlighting how personal preferences can often mirror professional approaches. Campbell's dislike for certain traditional foods and his ‘full stack’ approach to his favorite items reflect his no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to football coaching. So, what are the traditional Thanksgiving dinner staples that you could do without?

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