Dan Campbell has amusing strategy to stop Patrick Mahomes

Dan Campbell spoke to the media on Friday and he had an interesting strategy to stop Patrick Mahomes.

Dan Campbell talks about how to stop Patrick Mahomes

With the NFL regular season about to get underway, all eyes are on the blockbuster Thursday Night Football kickoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions. As the Super Bowl Champions and the reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes, gear up, the underdog Lions are faced with the monumental task of curtailing Mahomes' explosive plays. In response to the pressing question of “how?”, Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, provided a candid, almost amusing strategy.

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What Did Dan Campbell Say About Stopping Mahomes?

Here is what Campbell said to the media on Friday about stopping Mahomes:

“Make him go backwards and never turn around where he can throw back that way,” Campbell said. “That would be about the best way to sum it up. Yeah, look, this guy is – he’s tough. That’s the easy answer to all this. He is a highly competitive, highly instinctive aware player and it all – he is the engine in this offense, everything runs through him, he makes it go.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions will inaugurate the NFL's regular season on September 7.
  2. Lions' coach, Dan Campbell, shares a straightforward strategy to counter MVP Patrick Mahomes: Make him backtrack.
  3. Campbell relies on the Lions' defensive line to challenge the Chiefs, especially given their two new tackles.

Bottom Line – The Lion's Den Awaits Mahomes

When the Chiefs and Lions lock horns this coming Thursday, it'll be a tantalizing mix of strategy and individual brilliance. While the Lions may be perceived as the underdogs, you can bet their defense will do whatever they can to slow down the best quarterback on the planet and the Chiefs offense.