Dan Campbell reveals if Detroit Lions starters will play vs. Carolina Panthers

Do you think Dan Campbell should play the Detroit Lions starters against the Panthers?

Dan Campbell reveals if Detroit Lions starters will play vs. Carolina Panthers

This coming Friday, the Detroit Lions will play their final preseason game when they take on the Carolina Panthers. In their first two preseason matchups, against the Giants and Jaguars, the Lions rested most of their starters, and there has been plenty of chatter about whether or not head coach Dan Campbell will play those players against the Panthers. On Tuesday morning, Campbell spoke to reporters and it sounds like the Lions starters will sit out once again on Friday.

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What did Dan Campbell say?

Here is what Campbell said when asked about whether or not he would play the starters against the Panthers.

Campbell said that he will have to see how practices go this week, but his expectation is that he will treat the third preseason game similar to the first two in terms of who will play and who will not.

“I'm still trying to think about that one a little bit,” Campbell said. “Really, I want to see how today and tomorrow go, but I think it's gonna look very much like the first two games”

Why it Matters

The Lions really have not played many of their starters so far during the preseason, but that has not come as much of a surprise, as the team held joint practices leading up to the first two preseason games. Campbell noted that the starters got plenty of valuable reps during their joint practices against the Giants and Jaguars and that since starters generally do not play much in the preseason anyways, it is a non-issue.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Lions are gearing up for their last preseason game against the Carolina Panthers this Friday.
  2. In their initial preseason games against the Giants and Jaguars, the Lions chose to rest the majority of their starting lineup.
  3. Recent statements from head coach Dan Campbell indicate that the Lions' primary players will likely remain benched for the upcoming game against the Panthers.

Bottom Line: The Preseason Is About Roster Decisions

With many NFL teams holding joint practices against other teams during training camp, it sounds like the days of seeing starters getting substantial playing time in preseason games is over. Campbell believes that his starters got plenty of reps during their two joint practices, and it sure sounds like those players will get the night off on on Friday.