Steven Gilmore impresses Dan Campbell during Detroit Lions’ loss to Jaguars

Steven Gilmore impresses Dan Campbell: The youngster had a round start but bounced back in a big way against the Jaguars.

Steven Gilmore impresses Dan Campbell

During a disheartening 25-7 preseason loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, Steven Gilmore emerged as a beacon of hope for the Detroit Lions. Although he initially faltered by giving up a 48-yard pass miss, Gilmore soon showcased his tenacity, breaking up a critical pass on the goal line and later intercepting a throw by C.J. Beathard. Following the game, Lions head coach Dan Campbell weighed in on the youngster.

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What did Dan Campbell Say?

By the game's end, he notched three tackles and two pass breakups, which didn’t go unnoticed by Detroit Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell. Recognizing Gilmore’s resilience, Campbell remarked on his ability to bounce back from setbacks, demonstrating the kind of attitude and spirit essential for the game.

“You give up a big one and then you go right back, and you don’t bat an eye, you get a big knock down in the red zone and then he gets a ricochet interception, those are big,” Campbell said. “That’s encouraging, and I think it kind of tells you it’s not too big for this guy. He doesn’t get frazzled, he doesn’t lose confidence, he just goes back for more and those are the type of players you want.”

“I think those are the type of things you’re looking for, from these young players is, these things are going to happen,” Campbell said. “You’re going to get hit on a play. Something bad’s going to happen, and you may get a flag thrown on you. It’s all about what happens next. You want to know if these players have, they’re resilient. And I would say Gilmore, that was encouraging.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Steven Gilmore showcased resilience during a significant preseason loss to the Jaguars.
  2. Despite initial setbacks, he emerged with key pass breakups and an interception.
  3. Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, was notably impressed by Gilmore's never-say-die attitude.
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Bottom Line – Every Detroit Lion's Silver Lining

While the Detroit Lions faced a defeat against the Jaguars, there was a silver lining in CB, Steven Gilmore. Gilmore’s perseverance and ability to rebound from challenges clearly impressed the seasoned eyes of Dan Campbell but it seems like the youngster is still on the outside looking in when it comes to making the initial 53-man roster.