Dear Sheila Hamp: Give Dan Campbell a Contract Extension Immediately

Dear Sheila Hamp: Give Dan Campbell a Contract Extension Immediately! Nation, is DSN writer W.G. Brady jumping the gun here, or do you agree?

Dear Sheila Hamp: Give Dan Campbell a Contract Extension Immediately

Financially speaking, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell‘s current contract, a 6-year deal believed to be worth around $4 million per season, means he’s got three years left post-2023. But let’s face it – what he’s done so far merits more. He’s not just a coach who’s turning around a team; he’s a leader transforming an organization’s identity. This isn't about fearing he might leave for greener pastures; this is about rewarding excellence and commitment.

With that being said, it is time for Lions owner Sheila Hamp to give Campbell a contract extension that not only ensures that he stays in the Motor City for a very long time, but that he becomes one of the highest-paid head coaches in the NFL.

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A Letter to Sheila Hamp

Dear Sheila Hamp, it's time for a bold move. As a city that has endured its share of sporting heartaches, we’re witnessing a transformation under Dan Campbell that we haven't seen in a long time. Now, at a glowing 7-2 record in 2023, the Lions are not just sniffing at the playoffs; they're prowling toward hosting a playoff game. It’s more than just the record; it’s about the palpable change in culture and spirit.

Campbell, since taking the helm in 2021, has instilled a gritty, never-say-die ethos that resonates deeply with our city. The team’s newfound resilience and unyielding fight reflect the spirit of Detroit itself. This isn’t just a football team on the rise; it’s a symbol of our city's revival.

Campbell’s impact goes beyond wins and losses. He’s a coach who’s brought hope back to a fanbase long starved of success. His passion, his authentic connection with players, and his tactical acumen are all reasons he’s earned a longer tenure. The players believe in him, the city believes in him, and it’s time the organization cemented this belief with action.

Sheila, extend his contract. Not just for the stability of the franchise, but as a statement of intent. We’ve got something special brewing here in Detroit, and Campbell is at the heart of it. It’s about locking in a coach who embodies the city's character and ensuring continuity in the team’s upward trajectory.

In closing, Campbell’s extension isn’t just a smart football decision; it’s an investment in the city’s spirit. He’s the leader we’ve been waiting for, and the time to secure his future with the Lions is now. Let’s make sure the roar we’re hearing from Ford Field continues for years to come. Detroit deserves it, the fans deserve it, and most importantly, Dan Campbell deserves it.


Detroit Lions Fans

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