Dear Steve Yzerman: It is time to fire Jeff Blashill

Dear Steve Yzerman,

The day news broke you were coming home to take over as next general manager of the Detroit Red Wings may be one of the greatest days in Detroit sports history.

After all, as fans, we had grown tired of the moves Ken Holland was making and though we were grateful for what he did, it was time to move on.

Mr. Yzerman, as die-hard Red Wings' fans, we are asking you to realize it is also time to move on from head coach Jeff Blashill.

Sure, Blash is a great person and he has certainly given his best effort since becoming head coach of the Wings, but in order for this team to truly move forward, he has to go.

Now, when you took over as GM, you made it clear that you were going to use this first year as a year to get to know everyone in the Red Wings organization. From the coaches to the players, to everyone else who has a role with the team, you were going to give everyone a fair shake before making any big decisions.

Though we absolutely trust in your vision, we also believe it is time for you to fire Jeff Blashill immediately.

We are not asking that you immediately hire the coach who will lead the Red Wings into the future, but it is clear that Blashill is not that coach and it is time to move on.

Steve, on behalf of Detroit Red Wings fans around the world, we are asking that you take care of the inevitable and fire Jeff Blashill.


Red Wings' fans