‘Decker Reported’ Billboards Spotted Off Detroit Freeways [Photos]

'Decker Reported' Billboards Spotted Off Detroit Freeways [Photos]

‘Decker Reported' Billboards Spotted Off Detroit Freeways [Photos]

The aftermath of the controversial decision in the recent Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys game has taken an interesting turn in the city of Detroit. Fans have come out in full force to express their support for the Lions and to voice their opinion on what many believe was a critical officiating error that cost the team a win.

Decker Reported

Decker Reported Billboards Pop Up

In a unique show of solidarity, billboards have been erected in the Detroit area, rallying behind the Lions and their disputed 2-point conversion attempt. One of the most striking billboards features the bold statement “Decker Reported”, referring to the widely debated play involving Taylor Decker. This billboard challenges the official ruling during the game that led to the Lions’ loss. (H/T to @JeannaTrotmanTV for the photos)

Decker Reported

Another billboard that has caught the attention of passersby showcases the Lions' impressive season record, with “11-5” crossed out and replaced with “12-4”. This alteration reflects the sentiment among many Lions fans who believe that the team was unfairly denied a victory, impacting their official record.

Decker Reported

Detroit Lions Fans Show Their Passion

These billboards are a testament to the passion and loyalty of Detroit Lions fans. Their actions demonstrate not just their love for the team, but also their desire for fairness and accountability in the sport. The fact that these billboards have become a talking point both in and outside Detroit highlights the strong community spirit and sense of justice among the Lions' fanbase.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Billboard Solidarity: Detroit Lions fans have erected billboards across Detroit in a show of solidarity, particularly highlighting the “Decker Reported” billboard.
  2. Record Correction Billboard: Another notable billboard displays the Lions' season record, originally “11-5,” altered to “12-4.”
  3. Fan Passion and Unity: These billboards exemplify the passion, loyalty, and desire for justice of the Detroit Lions fanbase. Their widespread discussion both within and outside Detroit underscores the community's strong spirit and commitment to fairness in the sport.
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Bottom Line: Detroit Lions fans ROCK!

The “Decker Reported” and “11-5” to “12-4” billboards off Detroit freeways are more than just visual displays; they are symbols of a fanbase united in their support for the Detroit Lions and in their call for fairness in NFL officiating. As these billboards gain attention, they amplify the voices of thousands of Lions fans who continue to stand behind their team with unwavering passion and loyalty.


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