Detroit Lions among favorites to trade for 2 Pro Bowlers

Detroit Lions among favorites to land 2 Pro Bowlers. Do you think the Lions should trade for one or both of these players?

Detroit Lions among favorites to land 2 Pro Bowlers

In the world of NFL rumors and speculations, the Detroit Lions are currently in the spotlight. This isn't just because they are a promising and exciting team, but also because they could potentially add two Pro Bowl-caliber players to their roster. According to BetOnline (H/T to A to Z Sports), those two players are WR Mike Evans and EDGE Chase Young.

5 Detroit Lions who must ball out Detroit Lions among favorites

Why it matters: Lions' Odds of Landing Two Pro Bowl Talents

The first player in the spotlight is Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Evans recently set a contract deadline with his current team, and it passed without a new deal. This raises questions about his future in Tampa Bay, with trade or free agency as potential outcomes. BetOnline gives the Lions 7-1 odds of being Evans' next destination, trailing behind the Kansas City Chiefs, New York Jets, and Buffalo Bills.

The second player on the radar is Chase Young, the talented edge rusher of the Washington Commanders. With odds of 3/1, the Lions are a top contender to acquire Young via trade, with only the Chicago Bears ahead of them. Young, though currently injured, possesses immense potential. His future in Washington seems uncertain after a promising rookie season that earned him the Defensive Rookie of the Year award.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. BetOnline believes the Detroit Lions have good odds of landing two Pro Bowl-caliber players.
  2. Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is a potential target with 7-1 odds.
  3. The Lions also have 3/1 odds of trading for Chase Young, the Washington Commanders' edge rusher.

Bottom Line: Could Detroit Lions Make Big Addition?

The Lions should have a win-now mentality, and I would not be surprised if they looked into adding Mike Evans or Chase Young if the price is right. With that being said, the Lions seem to love their current roster, so they may decide to roll with what they currently have.