Detroit Lions announce 2 roster moves in advance of Week 11 matchup vs. Bears

Detroit Lions announce 2 roster moves in advance of Week 11 matchup vs. Bears.

Detroit Lions announce 2 roster moves in advance of Week 11 matchup vs. Bears

This coming Sunday, the Detroit Lions, who are currently sitting at 7-2 and in first place in the NFC North, will host the last-place Chicago Bears at Ford Field. In advance of the game, the Lions have announced a couple of roster moves. Just moments ago, the Lions announced that they have signed LS Jake McQuaide to the Active Roster from the Practice Squad and signed LB Bruce Irvin to the Practice Squad.

Detroit Lions announce 2 roster moves,Detroit Lions

Lions Bring In Bruce Irvin

On Tuesday night, news broke that the Lions were going to sign LB Bruce Irvin to their practice squad and that move is now official. Irvin's NFL journey has been a remarkable blend of achievements and shifts across several teams. Selected by the Seattle Seahawks as a first-round pick in 2012, he began as a defensive end before moving to linebacker. During his inaugural season, Irvin impressed with eight sacks and a forced fumble, playing a key role in Seattle's defense that culminated in a Super Bowl win in 2013.

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Jake McQuaide Gets His Promotion

During Training Camp, McQuaide, who was in a battle with Scott Daly for the long snapper job, explained that it was all about competing against a standard.

“They said you got to come here and compete and the reality is — and Scott knows the same thing — is like, whether there’s another guy in there or not, you’re competing against a standard,” McQuaide said in August. “And if you get caught up in the, ‘Oh, he did this today, I did that,' and same thing for a kicker. It’s not about that. It’s about playing to a standard or above a standard, and then if you do that, you’re going to be playing somewhere, whether it’s here or not, and that’s always been my focus when I’ve had guys come in and compete against me, and that’s my focus when I’m coming in and competing against Scott.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Roster Adjustments: The Detroit Lions, leading the NFC North with a 7-2 record, have made strategic roster moves ahead of their game against the Chicago Bears, including the signing of LS Jake McQuaide to the Active Roster and LB Bruce Irvin to the Practice Squad.
  2. Bruce Irvin's Addition: Irvin, a seasoned NFL player with a history of impactful performances, including a Super Bowl win with the Seattle Seahawks, brings experience and skill to the Lions' defensive unit.
  3. Jake McQuaide's Promotion: McQuaide's elevation to the active roster follows his successful training camp, where he focused on competing against a set standard rather than against individual players, demonstrating his professionalism and commitment to excellence.
Detroit Lions sign DE Bruce Irvin

Bottom Line: The Strategic Edge

These moves by the Lions, particularly the addition of a seasoned player like Irvin and the promotion of McQuaide, reflect the team's strategic approach to maintaining its strong position in the NFC North and potentially enhancing its defense and special teams as they gear up for the upcoming game against the Bears.

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