Detroit Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley gives his own injury update

Emmanuel Moseley spoke to reporters on Saturday and he provided an update on his status.

In a show of consistent improvement, the Detroit Lions‘ secondary has reportedly demonstrated noteworthy progress throughout their 11 training camp practices. Veteran cornerback Emmanuel Moseley, a crucial part of the Lions' secondary, has remained off-field due to an ACL tear. After being absent from the initial 10 camp days for undisclosed medical reasons, Moseley is back observing practice, working on his rehabilitation, and sharing his progress.

Emmanuel Moseley Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions CB Emmanuel Moseley gives his own injury update

Moseley expressed his anticipation to rejoin the team, maintaining an optimistic stance on his recovery.

“I was feeling pretty good and things happen and right now at this time I'm feeling pretty good,” Moseley said after practice.

“Once I get out there, I'm going to be excited for it,” he said. “I'm not going to throw no numbers out there or a timeline but when you see me out there know that I'll be very excited.”

In 2021, his impressive performance yielded a 65.6 passer rating with no touchdowns conceded. Upon return, he's expected to challenge Jerry Jacobs for first-team reps opposite Cam Sutton.

Key Points:

  • Moseley is recovering from an ACL tear, an important yet absent piece of the Lions' secondary.
  • Moseley returned to the Lions' training camp after being absent for the first 10 days.
  • Moseley expressed optimism about his rehabilitation process.
  • In his past performance, Moseley was a formidable defense player, allowing no touchdowns and maintaining a 65.6 passer rating.

Bottom Line – The Lions' Pride Awaits Its Missing Roar

Moseley's injury update provides an encouraging outlook for the Detroit Lions. His return is eagerly anticipated, promising to elevate the already improving secondary unit. As he continues his recovery journey, Moseley's optimism and determination echo the Lions' spirit, a testament to their resilience and tenacity.


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